Male Model Needed

An amazing idea was given for the blog to add pictures of couples enacting various scenes from the blog! Love this idea! So, of course, I’ll need a male model and a photographer to make this idea happen! I put out a call for a male model and photographer and within a day had both! I love when things come together!

We all meet at my house, make introductions and then get to work. I give them my ideas on how I want things to look, super sexy, and the scene that I want to shoot for today. This scene will have the male model on his back with me straddling him, holding his hands above his head. The picture is to convey the male model submitting to the wants of the woman above him. Everyone is on board, we all change into our wardrobe, the photographer sets up and we get started!

The model removes his shirt, giving us a view of his slim, but muscled body. I want his pants on for this scene so its not until I climb on top of him and straddle my hips onto his that I feel his erection. I sink down onto it and he groans with pleasure as I teasingly rock my hips a little. I look at him and ask if he needs a moment to go take care of his situation and he shakes his head no, that he’s ok to continue.

I remove my top and bra, letting my huge boobs jiggle free. I feel him stiffen even more beneath me, his hands moving to cup my ass as he grinds his hips up into me. I grab his hands and push them over his head, lift my ass just out of reach of his grinding hips and lean in to whisper to him, my breasts caressing his chest. I hear the camera click, the shoot has begun. I whisper to my model to focus on the job, we aren’t here for sexual shenanigans! I have pictures to take for my blog! He gives me a wicked little grin and says sorry but I know its definitely a sorry not sorry!

I arch my back more and look at the camera as I hold his hands down, my heavy breasts right over his face, his tongue licking, his lips sucking. I close my eyes as he pulls my rock hard nipple into his mouth and sucks, the camera clicking away. I rock back, freeing his hands and pulling myself from his mouth. I’m getting too turned on and need to focus. That focus is very short lived as I rock back, sitting once again on his now even harder cock. How is that even possible? I can feel him through his pants, he’s so big and I just want to unzip him and slip him inside of me! No! Focus on the job!

I lean forward again, giving the camera what I want, leaving over him, his mouth once again pulling my nipples into his mouth, but this time I forget about holding his hands. I’m lost in the deliciousness of his tongue on my nipples. The click of the camera brings me back and I rock back again to give myself space from the yummy things his mouth is doing!

While his tongue was busy, so were his hands and when I rock back his cock is out and I slide right onto it. I’m so wet from his teasing tongue, that his shaft slips right into me. I gasp and look at him, that wicked grin in full effect as he pushes his hips up into me. Thrusting deep into me before I can tell him to stop, the camera going crazy! I look over and see the photographer putting the camera on a tripod and setting the timer before quickly moving over to us, undressing on the way.

The photographer climbs onto the bed, pushes me forward and pushes into my ass. I cry out with the painful pleasure of his thick cock pushing into my tight little asshole! The photographer pushes in as the model thrusts up, they find their rhythm and soon my body is humming with orgasm as they work themselves deeper and deeper into me. The camera is clicking away in the background as they share me, fucking me deeper and deeper.

The photographer leans in harder, pushing me down onto the models dick harder to the point that he cant move so his huge cock is just filling me. The photographer pounds into my ass and I hold on to the bed sheets as he gives me every inch of his thick cock. He isn’t long be is so damn thick! It hurts so good! I hold on as he thrusts deep into my ass, his hands gripping the headboard in front of me so he can go deeper and deeper. One last thrust into my ass and he grunts out he pleasure as I feel my ass filling with his cum.

The minute the photographer slides off of me, the model flips me onto my bag and drills his hungry cock into me. His body covers mine, his head next to mine as he jackhammers into my soaking wet pussy. His heavy breathing and the camera clicking are all I hear as he fucks me. He’s balls deep with every thrust! He is long AND thick and again, all I can do is hold on and ride the waves of pleasure as he fucks me hard. His hips piston and never slow as he cums inside of me.

I think he’d done when he pulls out of me but he quickly turns me onto my stomach and pushes into my ass! He’s still hard! He pushes into my cum filled ass and fucks me hard. I cry out as he leans into me, going deeper, stretching me out even more than the photographer did. He pounds into me until I feel my ass filling with cum again, his body collapsing onto mine with satisfaction.

He rolls off of me and onto the bed when the photographer takes his place inside of me again! I can tell he’s fighting his bodies need to cum as he strokes into me faster and faster, his hands squeezing and gripping my hips with a frenzy. A moment later, he’s once again filling me with his jizz and then he too is slipping out of me and onto the bed in a haze of satisfaction.

I fall back onto the bed, my breathing heavy, my body quaking with orgasm after orgasm. The camera clicking away. I think it’s been a good shoot for the first round. I wonder what the next shoot will be like?!

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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