I love when your cock is so hard in your pants! I love when you struggle to hide your bulging erection as you watch me move through a room. I love knowing that you watch the jiggle of my breasts and the sway of my hips as I glide through a room. I love knowing […]

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Monday Morning

You cancelled your morning meeting so we could have our own meeting. You tell me to stand with my hands against the wall and bend at the waist so that my ass is ready for you. You spit on your cock and push hard against my tight little asshole. The tip slips in just a […]

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Reading Room

I’m lying on my chaise lounge in my reading room, tucked under my super soft blanket, when I hear the garage door open and your car pull in. I give it a few moments before I let the cloud soft blanket slip from my body and pool softly below me, my naked body left in […]

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Kitchen sink

My kitchen sink has had this slow drip for about two weeks now. I’ve been calling and emailing my apartments office managers every single day complaining and begging for a maintenance tech to come fix it. Begging! And nothing! They keep telling me someone will be by soon but everyday no one shows up. Until […]

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