Naughty Thoughts…

Writing my Naughty Blog makes me so horny! My pussy is so wet right now! I need a cock deep inside of me, thrusting hard. I need my neck gripped from behind as he fucks me hard and fast. Mmmmmmm … I need it so bad! I want to be ridden, use me for your […]

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The Counter

She’s sitting on the counter in front of me. I’m standing between her open thighs, my lips suctioned tightly to her breast sucking her hard, buttery nipple. My hands are braced against the counter to take the force of your delicious hips pounding into me from behind. She moans and twists her fingers into my […]

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5 More Minutes

I just need five more minutes in bed with you babe. Five more minutes of you long stroking your delicious cock deep into my wet pussy. Five more minutes of you squeezing my ass as you push deeper into me. Five more minutes of your hips thrusting into mine, sending your shaft as deep as […]

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Still Waiting

I’m still on my knees, waiting for you to unzip your pants and let your thickness fall out. I want you to slap it against my chest, the heaviness of it making my huge breasts jiggle with each slap. I want you pull my bra down just enough to free my yearning tits from the […]

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