What the Boss Wants, the Boss Gets

I’m wearing sky high red high heels and a little black dress that’s slightly see through in the office today. It’s everyone’s favorite but my boss especially loves this dress. Whenever I wear this dress, my boss’ eyes stay on me the entire day, the desire so thick you can almost touch it!

I move around the office, giving everyone the pleasure of watching my hips move in my little dress. Let them watch my tits bounce as I maneuver in my come fuck me pumps. I make sure I bend over just far enough to grab my papers off of the copy machine, giving a little peak into my heaving cleavage.

I’m back at my desk when my boss comes into my cubicle, a hand grazing my shoulders before placing the packet of documents I need to review on my desk. My boss asks me how my day is going while leaning against my desk and getting an overhead view of my huge titties in my little dress.

We chit chat for a moment before my boss suddenly remembers that there are more papers that I need to review and asks me to pop by their office when I have a moment. I say I’m free now and follow my boss down the hall the beautiful office in the corner. This office is huge with an amazing wall of mirrors overlooking the city. This is my dream office!

I follow my boss into the office and head straight for the wall of windows. I hear the door close behind me and soon after feel my boss standing right behind me, whispering in my ear how beautiful the view. I feel my boss’ hands on my hips and then cupping my ass and squeezing. My boss presses closer into my as hands come around to slide over my pussy, teasing me.

My boss turns me around and kisses me hard and deep, pushing my back into the window wall, pulling the top of my dress down to fee my huge boobs. Her lips leave mine and move down to take one and then the other hard nipple into her mouth. I moan as she sucks hard and deep, making my pussy throb with need as she sucks harder on my nipples.

Her finger slips into my wetness as her mouth continues to work my titties. She expertly slips one and then two fingers into me, pushing fast and deep into me bringing me to orgasm in moments. My legs turn to jelly as I let the orgasm take over me. She holds me against the window, sucking my tits until I can stand again.

She pulls my dress down as I put my tits back inside of my dress, tugging everything back into place. She kisses me hard one more time before I turn to leave. I give her a little wink before I shut the door behind me.

All eyes are on my as I saunter back to my desk and wait for my phone to buzz for my next round of meetings with the board of directors!

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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