It’s Time to Wake Up

I’m stirred awake by him putting my legs over his shoulders. My eyes fly open as his long, thick shaft parts my sleeping pussy lips, pushing in and waking her up.

He pushes in slowly and deeply, opening me up, making me wet with each inch he pushes into me. He doesn’t stop his descent into the depths of me until his balls are touching me. He’s so deep I can’t catch my breath. He’s so big he fills every bit of me up. I try and push back with my thighs but he holds me firm, making me take every inch of him inside of me until he’s ready to move.

I beg for the release of his dick from me but he doesn’t give me what I want. He holds me firmly in place as my pussy throbs around his cock. I beg again when he finally relents, sliding his shaft slowly out of me until just the tip is inside of me. He holds it there, teasing me again. This time its only a moment before he gives me what we both want! He slams his rock hard cock down into my soaking wet pussy. Balls deep, he plunges into me over and over. Hard and fast he doesn’t stop. He doesn’t let my legs push him back, he doesn’t stop to give me the second I now beg for.

He takes what he wants and I love every deep, hard pounding of it! He’s so big and thick and my tight pussy wraps around his cock, pulling him deeper with each of his thrusts. My legs quake with orgasm as he moves faster. I’m cumming as he slams down into me again and again, his grunts of pleasure filling the air.

His cock slams into me once more before his body tightens and his orgasm rips from his lips, his delicious dick filling me with his hot cum. Only when hes filled me completely does he let my thighs down from his shoulder as his satiated cock slips from inside of me.

He kisses me good morning before he heads to the shower, leaving me fully awake!

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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