My Fave

My fave is being on my knees for you, your hands on my hips as your pound your hard cock into me. I love when you pull my hair, forcing me to arch my back as you drive deeper into me. I’m breathless with your thickness. You fill me up so deliciously full. Your finger […]

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Naughty Thoughts…

I want your wife sucking my rock hard nipples while you fuck me. I want her sucking and nibbling my nipples while you thrust hard and deep inside of me. I want every inch of you. I want to lose myself in the both of you. Smooches xoxo, Delicious Daydream

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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday sunshine! I’ve missed you! Tell me how much you’ve missed me! How much you’ve missed touching me. Licking me. Sucking me. Fucking me. Tell me how much you want to slide your cock between my juicy titties and fuck them. Watch while I squeeze them around your shaft as you glide in and […]

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Good Morning Sunshine

I wake to you pulling me to the edge of our king size bed where you stand. You pull until my ass is just hanging off of the edge, my legs open so that you can stand in the middle of them. You quickly tug your shorts down, grip your thickness and guide into me. […]

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Video for My Private Snapchat

He emailed me last week offering his services to be the person playing with me on my private Snapchat. I checked out his profile on Fetlife, liked what I saw and messaged him back. I gave him an audition time to show me his moves in person. He will be here in ten minutes for […]

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5 More Minutes

I just need five more minutes in bed with you babe. Five more minutes of you long stroking your delicious cock deep into my wet pussy. Five more minutes of you squeezing my ass as you push deeper into me. Five more minutes of your hips thrusting into mine, sending your shaft as deep as […]

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Naughty Thoughts …

I’m really craving two cocks inside of me! One stretching my tight ass and the other filling my wet pussy. I want them to slide in and out slow and deep. Mmmmmmmm … so deep! Smooches xoxo, Delicious Daydream

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