Use My Throat

Use my throat to masturbate. Slide deep, deep into my throat. Fuck my throat while I gag on the length of you. Thread your fingers through my hair and guide my head down your shaft as you thrust into my gaping mouth.

Thrust deep, deep into my warm throat. Fuck my open throat. Go as deep as you can, balls deep. I want every inch of you for as long as I can take it. Don’t pull out when I try and tap out. Pull out when you want. When you’re ready to hear me greedily gasp for air.

Push back in when you’re ready. Press against my slippery lips. Press as you command me to open my mouth. Press and tighten your hands in my hair as I deny you access. Teasing you. Making you punish me.

Slap me and tell me to open my fucking mouth. I part my lips for you. You press in hard and fast. You tell me how good of a slut I am for taking all of you.

I tap your thighs but you keep thrusting, ducking the depths of my throat. I take all of you, my pussy throbbing as you thrust faster and faster. My hips rock as your hands tighten in my hair and you thrust deeply one last time, emptying deep down my throat. I swallow every drop of you as your cock throbs in my throat.

Empty, you slowly slip from my throat and out of my mouth leaving me gasping for air on my back as you quickly move between my thighs.

You are still rock hard as you push my knees to my shoulders, slip inside of my wet pussy and pound me mercilessly until you cum again.

You pull out of my dripping wet pussy and flip me onto my stomach. Before I can catch my breath you push into my tight little asshole and fuck me as you whisper in my ear.

You fuck my ass hard, deep and fast as your fingers slip into my pussy. You remind me that I’m your slut as your cock stretches my ass, your fingers bringing me to orgasm as you finger me.

I cum hard. Once. Twice. Three times as you fill my ass with your hot cum. You’ve filled all three of my holes and my body is like jelly. My breathing is ragged as I rollover onto my back, ready to drift off but you have other ideas. My eyes fly open as you pull me towards you, your cock rock hard. Where will you put it this time?

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