Friday Shenanigans

I can barely stay on my knees at you pound deeply into my ass, my mouth gaped open struggling to take all of Anthony as he fucks my throat. I feel your thrusts slow as Chris positions himself behind me, slipping his thickness into my dripping pussy. You mount me to get better positioning in […]

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Monday Morning

You cancelled your morning meeting so we could have our own meeting. You tell me to stand with my hands against the wall and bend at the waist so that my ass is ready for you. You spit on your cock and push hard against my tight little asshole. The tip slips in just a […]

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Christmas Eve

You spring from the bed, reaching back to rearrange me as you stand at the side of the bed, body facing me, now lying with my head hanging over the side. I love, love LOVE this position! You move your wanting shaft to my mouth but my lips don’t part for you. You are rock-hard […]

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Naughty Thoughts…

Know what I want right now? I want to bend over and grab my ankles. I want you to pull my panties down, lube your huge cock up and push into my tight little asshole. Grab my hips and push hard into me until you are balls deep in my tight hole. Fuck me baby. […]

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Naughty Thoughts …

I still haven’t found my two boyfriends… womp womp. My goal for this year was to find two guys to seriously date so that I could have two dicks inside of me whenever I wanted. So far, it just hasn’t happened! Why is it so hard to find two consistent guys to fuck on a […]

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What are you doing?

Monday October 29, 2018 Hey love! What are you doing? I’m doing something naughty. Want to know what naughty little thing I’m doing? I’m missing the feeling of you inside of my tight little asshole. I miss the feeling of you pressing the tip of your cock into me and pressing until you are fully […]

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Apartment Maintenance Technicians

I’ve been waiting for my apartments maintenance department to come fix the faucet in my bathroom for WEEKS now! Today is finally the day! No more dripping faucet noise grating on my nerves! The repeated ringing of my doorbell wakes me from a deep sleep early this morning. I pull myself from my warm, comfortable […]

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