The Couch

It’s Sunday, your couch day. You get all of your snacks, put on your t-shirt and comfy basketball shorts and post up on the couch for the day. You call it your me time.

That’s cool. I get it. I need my me time too. I come back from running my errands and getting my massage. My massage therapist has the biggest, softest, strongest hands that I’ve ever felt! He caresses and works every tight muscle from my entire body. He’s gotten close to offering me a happy ending but not yet so when I leave him I’m in a frenzy! I need to be fucked!

I walk into the living room and move straight to you on the couch without saying a word. You throw me a hey babe without ever taking your eyes from the screen. I sink to my knees in front of you and let my hands snake up the legs of your basketball shorts. This gets your attention!

I wrap my hand around your hardening shaft as my other hands finds your balls. Your eyes find mine as I start to stroke. You start to ask me what’s up but I tighten my grip on you and increase my stroke, pulling a moan from your parted lips.

My hands leave your erection wanting as I move my hands to slide your shorts down my lips capturing your bobbing cock as it pops out of your shorts. I deep throat you instantly, pulling every inch I can deep into my throat, gagging on you. You grab my head and guide me down faster and faster, fucking my mouth.

I pull away because this isn’t what I came for, I want you between my thighs. I stand and slip my sundress down, freeing my huge tits. I lie back on the couch and spread my legs, your invitation to come fuck me.

You slide between my thighs and deep into my waiting pussy. My legs go over your shoulders and you drill into me, hitting every spot the massage therapist didn’t hit earlier! I’m so turned on that I cum almost instantly, the walls of my throbbing pussy tightening around you! My body relaxes, allowing you to go deeper, harder, faster. You pound into me with the full weight of your huge muscular body.

Your breath catches in your throats as your fill me to overflowing with your orgasm. Your thrusts slow but don’t stop. You’ve cum but you are still hard. You slide out of my pussy and straddle me so that your cock is now in my mouth. You fuck my throat hard and fast bringing your next orgasm on a deep grunt from you. Your thick load shoots down my throat and only then do I feel you start to slip out.

Completely satiated, I pick up my dress and give you a kiss. You slap me on my ass as I turn to go. Thanks babe!
Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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