Gardener Timothy

I work from home on Sunday. I love sitting by the pool on one of the fluffy chairs, shaded by one of the oversized umbrellas. This is where gardener Timothy finds us this morning as I’m gagging on your cock.

I’m on my knees in the chair, taking every inch of your huge cock down my throats when Timothy comes around back to start his work on the yard. I see him stop and watch us. He watches as I pull you deeper into my throat. He watches as you hold my head in place so I can’t pull away. He watches as I gag on you as you push deeper into my throat.

Timothy watches as you move behind me and push deep into my wetness. Your stroke is long and deep and I moan with each thrust. Timothy makes his way to us, slipping underneath the shade of the umbrella to stand directly in front of me, his erection pressing hard against his uniform pants.

I stroke Timothy’s cock through his pants and instruct him to unzip and fuck my throat. Timothy doesn’t hesitate! In a moment his rock hard shaft is out of his pants and buried deep inside of my mouth. I can feel your excitement of having Timothy in my mouth by your hard thrusts. You love watching me with other men. Love watching them fuck me. You slip from my pussy and push into my ass as Timothy pounds harder into my throat.

You fill my tight little ass up with your cock, pushing in as deep as you can on every thrust. Your hands find my swinging tits as you pound into my ass, deeper and deeper, my cries muffled by Timothy’s cock in my mouth.

You give one last thrust before you explode inside of me, filling my ass with your huge load. Timothy replaces you in my ass as you slip out and take a seat, sipping your juice as Timothy works his cock into my ass. It’s so thick that I pull away, I don’t think it’s going to fit. He pulls me back onto him, pushing into me. I scream with his thrust, he’s sooooo big!

He gets the head into my ass when my orgasm rips through me, shaking my whole body with pleasure. Timothy works his way into me until he is balls deep. He holds himself there for a moment before he begins to fuck me, hard. The slapping of skin on skin and my gasping are the only things that can be heard as he fuck me. You sip your juice and stroke your cock as Gardner Timothy fucks me harder and deeper with each stroke.

You set your juice down and move to stand in front of me so that I can wrap my lips around your reinvigorated erection. Timothy’s fingers tighten around my hips as his pace increases, his strokes even deeper. My mouth widens to moan out my cresting orgasm allowing you to push deeper into my throat. You explode deep into my throat right before Timothy empties into my ass.

You both slip from inside of me as I melt into the comfy chair, thighs quacking with orgasm. You take your seat again as Timothy pulls his uniform back into place. I give Timothy a wink and tell him that I look forward to seeing him next Sunday.

smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

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