Ad number 2

It’s been awhile since I placed my last ad on Craigslist so I figured this weekend would be perfect to place ad number 2!

With the last ad, I sought a gang bang and it was amazing! This time, the ad I placed is seeking something a little different! This ad, I am offering a service, a naughty service! I am offering the service of Titty fuck appointments! Everyone loves my huge, juicy tits so why not start a delicious new business focused around them?!?
My ad advised the reader that they could book a 30 minute session to slide their hard cock in between my huge knockers. I placed the ad on Monday and by Wednesday my entire Saturday was fully booked with a huge overflow for my waiting list!

With each paid booking, I gave each participant the hotel name, address, suite number and time of their booking. I checked in Friday afternoon so I could get comfortable and enjoy the beautiful suite!

Its now Saturday and I’ve just stepped from the bubble bath. I’ve oiled my entire body so that I’m smooth and silky. I’ve slipped on the sheerest piece of lingerie that you’ve ever seen! The bubbles from my champagne flute tickle my nose as I take a sip. I’m ready.

My first appointment knocks on my suite door right on time at 10:30. I love promptness! I swing the door open for him and the weekend officially begins! I take him in, he’s tall and his erection is on full display, pressing hard against his jogging pants, tenting them so that is no question that he’s happy to see me! I offer him the bar so that he can make himself a drink while I slip the top of my sheer lingerie down, freeing my breast to swing with my motion of climbing up on the bad.

He stands sipping his drink while I caress and pinch my nipples, the time ticking by. My rules are very clear, your appointment time is a pre-determined 30 minutes. Promptly at 30 minutes you will exit the suite. Perhaps he just wants to watch me play! That’s fine!

He’s had a couple of drinks when he finally gets the courage to approach me. He tries to kiss me which is a no no! Titty fucking only sir! He pushes me back onto the soft bed and straddles me, pulling his dick out and sliding it between my tits. He gives a good couple of thrusts before he explodes between my juicy mounds. Breathing hard he slips from between my tits and off the bed, finishing his last drink, giving himself a quick wipe and leaving me a very generous tip before leaving me with a wink as he shut the door.

I get myself cleaned up and settled in to wait for my next appointment in 15 minutes! He arrives five minutes early so I call to him through the door that I will be available at his appointment time and not before. When five minutes elapses, I pull the door open and give him entrance to my boudoir. He wastes no time in removing his pants to let me see that he isn’t wearing any underwear. He wants me on my knees. He squirts oil between my tits and the wraps my tits around his huge shaft. This is a man who loves a good tit fuck!

His shaft pistons between my tits, pounding away until his orgasm rips through him! Breathing heavily, he collapses back onto the bed, his dick completely satiated by the looks of it! I pour myself a drink and sink into the softness of the couch in the room when I hear him start to snore! He is completely knocked out! I let him sleep 5 of his remaining 10 minutes before waking him to go. He begs to stay and have round two. I advise he now has four minutes to dress and leave otherwise he will be dressing in the hall. He of course leaves his tip on the way out!

The rest of the afternoon speeds by with appointment after appointment, lots of guys finishing quickly and the new just hanging out to talk. Some guys ONLY wanted to talk which was awesome! It’s nice to just talk sometimes. Before I know it, my last appointment is knocking at the door. By this point I am completely nude when I open the door, seeing his pleasure instantly!

He steps inside nervously, asking how my day has been. I tell him that’s it’s been a fun and interesting day as he pours himself a drink. He unbuttons and unzips his pants before he takes a seat on the couch, his shaft in one hand, his shaft in the other. He asks if it’s ok to just talk while strokes his dick. Of course I say as I drape myself across the bed watching him pleasure himself.

He tells me that he loves jerking off to my pictures, that when he’s fucking someone it’s my face he sees, imagining it’s my pussy he’s pounding into! I moan as I let my hands wander over my tits. He stares as my hand pinches my nipples and give my tits a hard squeeze. I sit up and kneel on the bed so he can watch them jiggle. I cup and squeeze them as I start to bounce on the bed, moaning with pleasure.

I watch with delight as his entire body tightens and explodes with release! He cums everywhere! He sinks back into the couch as his five minute warning sounds. He puts himself back together and tells me can’t wait for my next ad. He leaves a very generous tip on the way out!
I wrap myself in one of the comfy hotel robes and make my way to my other suite on an entirely different floor of the hotel… a girl can’t sleep where she plays! Good night pumpkin!

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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