My Fave

My fave is being on my knees for you, your hands on my hips as your pound your hard cock into me. I love when you pull my hair, forcing me to arch my back as you drive deeper into me. I’m breathless with your thickness. You fill me up so deliciously full.

Your finger slips into my asshole as you pound my pussy harder and harder your hand finally releasing my hair so you can grip my hips harder. My mouth is buried in the sheets as you lose your self inside of me. My moans are lost into the sheets as you drive into me, your orgasm riding you for release.

My orgasm washes over me as you chase yours. Your hands grip even tighter as your hips thrust even faster, your breath coming in jagged breaths as you both crave the release while still wanting to fuck me all night.

My body quakes with another orgasm as you drive into me one last time, releasing your hot load deep inside of me.

You collapse on top of me, your cock still inside of me. You pull me in close as you drift off to sleep. This too, if my fave!

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

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