I love when your cock is so hard in your pants! I love when you struggle to hide your bulging erection as you watch me move through a room. I love knowing that you watch the jiggle of my breasts and the sway of my hips as I glide through a room. I love knowing […]

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Naughty Thoughts

I’m throbbing just thinking of your fingers being inside of me. I want you so bad right now. Finger fuck me how I like baby. Finger my pussy baby. Make me cum. Smooches xoxo, Delicious Daydream

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Naughty Thoughts

Mmmmmm… have you ever wanted to talk to me? Tell me all of your naughty thoughts? Ever wanted to tell me how hard you are? How much you want to slide your rock-hard cock into my wet pussy? Ever wanted to tell me how you want to bend me over and fuck me so hard […]

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Monday Morning

You cancelled your morning meeting so we could have our own meeting. You tell me to stand with my hands against the wall and bend at the waist so that my ass is ready for you. You spit on your cock and push hard against my tight little asshole. The tip slips in just a […]

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Christmas Eve

You spring from the bed, reaching back to rearrange me as you stand at the side of the bed, body facing me, now lying with my head hanging over the side. I love, love LOVE this position! You move your wanting shaft to my mouth but my lips don’t part for you. You are rock-hard […]

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