Hot Water

I love a shower with hot water. Water so hot that you can barely stand it. Water raining down over my body, kissing every bit of me with its hot caress. What I love even more than a hot, soapy shower alone is a hot soapy, shower with you. I love when you slip into […]

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My Thighs

I’ve missed you between my thighs. I’ve missed the weight of your body on mine. I’ve missed spreading open for you, offering the depths of my magic to you. I’ve missed the feeling of you moving and pushing into me, stretching me wide with your thickness. I’ve missed your hands on my wrists as you […]

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Good Morning Sunshine

Just lay back while I straddle you. Close your eyes and just enjoy as I slip you inside of me. Enjoy the sensation as my tightness slides down the length of you, taking every inch of you in one smooth motion. Grip my hips as I ride you. My hips working in slow, rhythmic motions. […]

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Morning Ride

Care for a morning ride? Let me climb on top of your sexiness and wrap these sleep warmed thighs around you. Let me watch your sleepy face fill with pleasure as I sink down onto you, my wetness pulling you deep into me. I love waking you up with a morning ride! I love watching […]

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Naughty Thoughts…

I woke up so horny for you this morning! The need for you to push into my tight pussy is overwhelming! I ache for you to fuck me, to suck me, to take your pleasure in every inch of me until we both cum. Come fuck me baby. I need you. Smooches xoxo, Delicious Daydream

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Slippery, Soapy and Sudsy

The steady stream of the water drumming against my skin feels like pure heaven after sitting at my desk all day, meeting after meeting on the phone and via video chat has me feeling all types of exhausted. The heat from the water is helping to loosen my muscles and the chilled wine in my […]

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Work from Home

My job has me working from right now. It’s been two weeks since I’ve been into the office, but it’s been pretty chill. I’ve gotten my routine down so that I’ve dealt with most of my email log by noon and then I’m just coasting for the rest of the afternoon, popping into video conference […]

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Ride Share

It’s 2 am and I’m in the backseat of my Uber ride share, still buzzing from the night of cocktails and laughs with my girls! I have my legs up comfortable across the seat of the SUV when the driver tells me we will pick up one other passenger on the way to my destination. […]

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My Fave

My fave is being on my knees for you, your hands on my hips as your pound your hard cock into me. I love when you pull my hair, forcing me to arch my back as you drive deeper into me. I’m breathless with your thickness. You fill me up so deliciously full. Your finger […]

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