Morning Ride

Care for a morning ride? Let me climb on top of your sexiness and wrap these sleep warmed thighs around you. Let me watch your sleepy face fill with pleasure as I sink down onto you, my wetness pulling you deep into me. I love waking you up with a morning ride!

I love watching you fight the urge to release as I roll my hips, letting you go deeper and deeper into your favorite place. I love hearing your breath catch as I tighten around you as I balance up and onto my feet, you are going deeper still. So deep. That perfectly deep spot that makes my thighs shake just touching it. That perfectly deep spot that makes my eyes roll and my body tense.

I grip the headboard with both hands as I let my hips work you faster and faster. I pant with need as you grip my hips, pulling me down hard onto you with each of my thrusts. I ride you harder and faster bringing myself to orgasm twice when I feel your rhythm change and know you want the orgasmic pleasure that is rolling through me.

You are squeezing my ass when you flip me over onto my back, thrusts my legs over your shoulders and give me every inch of you hard and deep. My name leaves your lips on a roar as you fill me, the pulsing of your shaft pushes me over the edge and I cum again my thighs quaking on your shoulders as you give me every drop of you.

Your lips are on mine an instant before you slip from me and head for the shower. I am left still shaking and wanting more but knowing we have all day so for now I’ll be content with my morning ride.

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

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