Once a month he comes to town. I call these visits the “Me” visits. On his business calendar the week is blocked out for “business” but in reality he comes to town to indulge in me!

For the past four years, once a month he flies into town, books a suite at a hotel of my choosing and sends a car to pick me up. For that week I am all his and he makes sure he utilizes every second to his delight.

The car usually arrives with only the driver inside but this time he’s changed it up! He is waiting for my in the back as i climb in. I give a happy giggle as I slide into the spacious backseat of the car and over to him. Hugging and kissing him. I’m truly happy to see him! After all this time we’ve built a connection.

His hands explore the curves of my body as I kiss his soft lips, pulling one and then the other into my mouth. With my mouth still on his, he pulls me up onto his lap so I’m straddling him, his fingers slipping between my legs. I’m wearing no panties so his fingers can slide right into my wetness.

His hands move urgently as his kisses become desperate for my mouth, my neck and then my juicy tits as he rips the front of my dress open. Buttons fly as he pulls the dress open so his greedy move can suck hard on my nipples. His fingers move quickly inside of me with the same intensity as his mouth on my rock hard nipple.

I gasp as he works his mouth and hands on my, my body tightening with my orgasm. My heads falls back and a long deep moan pulls from my throats as he bites my nipple, sending me over the edge. With my head back, I can see the driver taking short, quick glances at us! I know he wants to watch but he has to drive! Lol!

Before my body has released my full orgasm, he moves me to the seat, pushing me down onto my back as he urgently unzips and releases his huge cock. In the next breath he is pushing inside of me, his hands roughly gripping my ass for leverage as he rams his shaft deep into my wet pussy. He’s balls deep on his next thrust, hitting every inch and then some. He is so thick and long that I can barely take his but he doesn’t care. He gets lost in me, he loves the feel of my tightness around his cock.

His is mouth is back on my nipple as he pounds into me harder and deeper. He loves to fuck me hard! On the next thrust he puts my thighs on his shoulders and gives me his full body weight, pinning me to the seat, making me take every inch of his cock! Pounding into me harder and deeper, my legs shaking with orgasm after orgasm. He’s so deep I don’t think I can take anymore and then he goes deeper.

My moans intensify with his speed, his hips rocket as he gets close. Faster and deeper until he slams his hips down one last time, his orgasm screaming out of him as he empties completely deep inside of me.

Only when he is completely empty does he slide out of me. Breathing heavily, he rests against the seat, his hand on my thigh. I sit up and start to pull my dress up. He tells me to leave it because we aren’t done yet. With a devilish grin, he moves my head to his cock and I pull it deep into my mouth, almost immediately he starts to harden. Round two is about to happen and we haven’t even made it to the hotel! It’s going to be an amazing week!

smooches xoxo,
delicious daydream

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