Happy New Year!

You wanted to keep New Years Eve low key this year so we decided to fly out to the house in the mountains where the snow is deep and the air is crisp! The house sits perfectly so that there are beautiful views from every side.

The bedroom has the best view! With a complete wall of windows, the sunrise washes over you every morning and you can see forever! It’s miles and miles of snow and forest and it’s magically beautiful! The bed sits in the middle of the room so that there are views wrapped around you.

I wake up to this view and you lying beside me. I sit up in bed and just take it all in. I love being here and I love waking up before you so I can have my way with you!

I slip under the covers and between your strong, powerful thighs. I kiss my way up until I get to what I’m craving! I pull you into mouth and suck until I feel you start to harden. As you start to harden and fill my mouth, I feel you start to stir. I love waking you up like this.

You are rock hard and I begin bobbing up and down the length of your shaft. I’m kneeling between your thighs, my ass up, so I can pull you fully into my mouth and back into my throat. You moan as I suck harder and faster, your hand guiding my head down further onto your cock. You hold my head in place, my face pressed into you, your thick shaft down my throat. You love it when I gag on you and I don’t disappoint in this moment!

Only when I push back do you let go, freeing me to gasp in air. I work my way up your body, sucking and biting your nipples before I move to your lips. I kiss you as I straddle you and slide down the length of your cock. My big, juicy tits hover over your face as I start to ride you. You pull one of my hard nipples into your mouth as my hips work the length of you.

I move my hands to your chest, squeezing my tits and giving you an amazing view as I ride you faster and faster. I pull my legs in so that I can squat over you and ride you harder. I pound down harder, pushing myself down onto every inch of your hardness. I pound faster onto you, my tits bouncing. I like it hard and fast in morning!

My pussy tightens around your cock as my orgasm builds. The pleasure rolls through my body and screams from my lips. I stop riding you as I let my body quiver with orgasmic pleasure. You take this moment to flip me on my back and take your pleasure between my thighs.

You slide in deeply, sheathing yourself fully in my wetness. You tease me with the slowness of your pace, you know I like it fast but you won’t give it to me. You slowly work in and out of me, maddeningly slow!

You kiss my neck and laugh as I try to move my hips faster but you keep the pace slow, slow and deep. You go so deep that my breath catches on each stroke. My orgasm is at the edge, I get close and you slow down again. I beg you for the release, I need it faster!

You give me what I want and pound into me, my orgasm ripping through me with yours following right behind mine. You pull your throbbing cock from between my legs and explode on my heaving tits, covering them in your hot cum.

I lie back so that you can take me all in. You love it when my boobs are covered in your cum! You hop off the bed, give me a quick kiss and head off to the shower. My pussy is still throbbing, I want more of you! I follow you to the shower for round two!

Smooches xoxo,
Delocious Daydream

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