Game night

The game is on tonight so you and your boys are down in your man cave. I’m upstairs in the kitchen making myself a veggie sandwich when your friend Tony walks in giving me his customary “Hey girl” greeting! We’ve known Tony forever. I love that he’s just a chill, funny laid back kind of dude.

I ask Tony if wants a sandwich and he tells me that he’s good as he takes a seat on one of the stools at the kitchen island. As I’m moving around the kitchen I keep our conversation going so I miss Tony drinking me in with his eyes. My dress is a light pink and slightly sheer so it gives anyone looking at me a tease of my body.

I finish making my sandwich and am eating before I realize I forgot my drink. I head to the fridge to grab a bottle of water. I’m bending over to grab a water when I hear Tony slide his stool back and hear his footsteps. I’m standing and turning to ask him if he wants one when I realize he is standing directly behind me. Before I can finish my sentence, he takes my water, puts it on the counter and kisses me.

My mind goes blank. What’s happening?!?!? Tony has never done anything like this ever. I push him back and look towards the basement stairs where you are. I look back at Tony and he gives me a wicked smile before he lowers his mouth to mine again.

Tony is a full six feet tall so it’s nothing to pick my five foot three self up and place me on the kitchen island. In a flash, his hand has slid up my thigh, pushed my panties to the side and are inside of my wetness. His fingers are like magic! He works me with a delicious touch! He slides a second finger inside and works me even harder.

My back arches as he continues to slide in and out of my dripping pussy, my back arching as my orgasm rips through me. I grip the counter to keep from yelling out my pleasure. Tony slips his fingers from inside of me and picks me up from the counter and places me on one of the kitchen stools, my ass hanging over the edge ready for him.

Tony unzips and pulls his boxer and pants down letting me get a good look at his hard shaft. Tony has the perfect sized cock for anal! Again, he gives me a wicked little smile as he grips my hips and drives his entire shaft into my tight little ass. I’m so tight that his size is perfect! He gasps as as tighten around him! His hands slide around my neck as he starts to pound into my ass. I know by the way he’s breathing that he won’t be able to hold back for very long.

Tony pounds my ass hard! He pushes every inch of his cock deep into my ass. He pounds into me balls deep hard and fast, his hands steadily tightening around my neck. I cum as his hands tighten a little more. My ass tightens around his pounding cock as I cum, forcing him to cum. He buries his mouth into my shoulder to muffle the sound of his orgasmic grunts.

Tony fills my ass with his hot cum, moving inside of me until he is fully emptied. His lips kissing my neck and his hands squeezing my nipples. We move apart and do a quick cleanup just in the nick of time! In the next moment you stride into the kitchen to grab another case of beer. You have Tony take down some more snacks as you turn to me and give me a deep kiss as you squeeze my ass.

You press your erection into me. As soon as Tony heads back downstairs, you push me to my knees and take your huge cock out!

I lick my lips and get ready for round two!

smooches xoxo,
delicious Daydream

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