Office Party

Your job is amazing! They throw an office party for the staff every month, each month the location changes. This month the party is at this amazing house on the beach. The food and drinks are overflowing, everyone is either in the pool or playing games or just hanging out. We’ve been since around noon, drinking all day, I’m so drunk and horny!

I’m stepping out of the pool, the water dripping off of me, when Jess approaches me. I haven’t seen her since the last party so she greets me with a big hug, her huge tits pressing into mine. She tells me she’s been looking for me everywhere and that she has something to show me inside. Jess always has something cute, cute shoes or cute purses so I’m down. I figure whatever it is it’s going to be good!

We giggle our way down the hallway, finding our way to a beautiful bedroom with an amazing view of the beach. Jess closes the door behind us and asks how I’ve been. I tell her things have been good as I sit down on the huge bed. I ask her what’s been going on with her and what she has to show me. She gives me a little evil grin and says that she’s gotten her boobs done and she wants to show me!

They are huge but they look amazing on her! She pulls the string to her bikini top and it slips away giving me a full view of her brand new boobs. Wow is all I can say as she moves closer. She asks if I want to touch them and of course I do! They are big and juicy! They feel amazing! I’m squeezing them both when she asks if she can touch mine.

I’ve caught Jess staring at my tits on many occasions so I know this is something that she’s wanted for a long time. I tell her of course and pull the string on my own bikini, freeing my huge tits. She’s on them instantly, her hands cupping and caressing them. Squeezing them, her lips finding my nipples, she sucks one and then the other. She moans as her mouth works on me, her tongue flicking my nipple.

Jess pushes me back on the bed so that she can work her hand down between my thighs without taking her mouth away from my tits. Her fingers find my moist middle and she works me to orgasm in no time, her fingers like magic inside of me.

I’m kneeling above her with her nipple in my mouth when the door opens and you walk in. You stand and watch for a moment before you move to the bed and stand behind me. I hear you unzip and then feel your hands move my bikini bottom to the side before you push inside of me.

You pound into me feverishly, your hands are all over me. I have one of her tits in my hand and the other in my mouth as you fuck me. You love seeing me with another woman! I cum hard on your next thrust. You move to the bed and lay on your back, i climb on and ride your cock as Jess climbs on and rides your face. Jess watches my huge tits bounce as I ride your huge shaft.

On my next bounce Jess screams out her orgasm as you release deep inside of me. She and I collapse on either side of you, fingers touching you. I start kissing your chest when the door opens and Jess’ husband walks in. He gives a wicked little grin and closes the door behind him after he steps inside.

smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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