Weekend Away

It’s finally our couples weekend away!! I’ve been waiting for this for weeks! It’s going to be you and I, two of your friends with their girlfriends and a weekend of massages and champagne! It’s going to be fabulous!

I had to work late so I’m the last to pull up to the house. It’s a beautiful mini mansion, it has to be at least 4000 square feet! I grab my bag and head inside, let’s get this weekend started! I find you and your friends in the kitchen, the drinks flowing, the chef is cooking but I don’t see their girlfriends. Maybe they are running late too, I think.

I give you a kiss, greet everyone else with a hug and grab a drink. I down the entire thing in one long swallow and hold my glass out for a refill. As my glass is being refilled with the deliciously sweet vodka drink, you tell me the other two ladies won’t be joining us, business and family needs will be keeping them busy all weekend. I’m a little sad because I was looking forward to all of us couples hanging out but you tell me your friends are staying and we will all still have a good time this weekend. We toast a cheers right before I down my second glass!

I’m on my third drink when the chef announces dinner will be ready in 30 minutes. I ask you to bring my bag upstairs for me so I can change for dinner. You wheel my bag into the room and I close the door behind us. You turn and find me on my knees, my fingers finding your zipper I release your cock and pull it into my mouth in one smooth move. I suck you hard and fast, I’m so horny from all of those drinks, all I want to do is fuck.

You pull me to my feet and bend me over the bed, you push my skirt up and shove your cock deep into my wet pussy. Apparently the drinks have made you super horny too because you waste no time in pounding into me. Your hands twist into my hair and pull as you pound harder into me. On your next thrust, you release into me, emptying deep inside. You slip out of me and drunkenly stumble to the restroom to clean up. That was good but I still want more!

You turn the shower on for me, kiss me and tell me to hurry down for dinner. I take a quickie shower instead of my usual long and luxurious one. I’m oiling my body down when your friend Christopher pops his head in to let me know dinner is almost ready. Christopher doesn’t avert his eyes when he sees that I’m naked and I don’t make any moves to cover myself.

Christopher steps into the room and closes the door behind himself. He stands and watches me continue to oil myself, massaging oil into every curve of my body. I turn and bend over, giving Christopher an eye full of my tight little ass. I’m massaging oil into my leg, still bending over when he steps up behind me, grips my hips and pushes inside of me. I’m pleasantly surprised that Christopher has a huge cock! It’s so big that he has to work into me little by little.

He eventually gets it all in and that when he lets loose! Christopher pounds into me with no mercy, his huge shaft finding every single spot inside of me! My legs quake with orgasm as he pushes deep and deeper inside of me. I cum twice more before he slips of out me dripping wet pussy and starts pressing at the tight little opening of my ass. I try to squirm away but Christopher hold me in place. He squirts oil on my ass for lube and then pushes his monster cock into my ass.

I gasp with pleasurable pain as he works as much of his huge shaft in my ass as he can. He fits about half of his cock in my ass when he starts to fuck me! Slow thrusts at first soon turn to deeper harder thrusts and then he is full out pounding into my ass. I can tell he’s close by the intense pace his hips move at. All I can do is hold on for the ride as he takes pleasure in the depths of my ass!

Two more deep thrusts and he explodes inside of my ass, his whole body shuddering with orgasm. He holds me in place for a few more minutes while he catches his breath and then slipping out of me. Christopher kisses me on my neck before he heads to take a quick shower. He leaves the shower running for me as he heads for the door. He reminds me of dinner as he closes the door behind him.

I grab another quick shower and get dressed. I have on a beautiful pink dress that is completely sheer in the right light! I love being a tease! I want everyone here to want to see my huge tits all night long!

I’m making my way down the giant staircase when Michael finds me. He tells me he was just coming to find me, that chef is ready to serve the first course. As Michael relays his message, his eyes never leave my tits. His eyes are locked on my big, juicy boobs and so I ask him if he sees something he likes. His eyes find mine and he tells me he’s a always loved my boobs and has always wanted to fuck me.

Without another word, I pull the top of my dress down, freeing my juicy juggs for him. In the next breath he’s on me. Pushing me back up to the landing and against the wall, his mouth finding my nipples and sucking HARD! My hands find his zipper and free his cock. He lifts my leg and lifts me so that he can slide his thick cock into me! Michael doesn’t have length but he has thickness! He fucks me up against that wall so hard and fast, it’s amazing!

I have both legs wrapped around his waist as he thrusts deeply into me. The excitement of getting caught is intense, anyone could step from the kitchen at any moment! Michael gives a couple of more thrusts before he grunts his orgasm into me. He keeps me pinned to the wall as he catches his breath, only slipping out of me when he’s fully spent.

I unwrap my legs and slide down the wall and back onto my feet. I pull my dress down and pull my top back up, making sure my hard nipples are on full display in my sheer dress! Michael and I descend the stairs And make our way into the kitchen. Everyone is at the table waiting for us. Chef begins to serve the first course and you pour me a drink. You ask what took me so long and I told you that I couldn’t decide on what to wear. You tell me my dress is beautiful as your eyes lock onto my nipples protruding through the sheer top.
I down my drink in two long swallows, everyone hungrily watching me, including chef. It’s going to be an amazing weekend I think as I pull the top down on my dress. I’ve never been fucked on a kitchen table before but tonight seems like a good night for it!

smooches xoxo,
delicious daydream

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