Welcome Home Babe

I’m walking down the hall when you walk in. I hear your briefcase hit the tile floor before I see you. Your tie is already off and you have already started unbuttoning your shirt. My pace slows as I see your eyes. They are wild and I already know what kind of mood you are in.

I smile and start to ask you how your day has been but before I can get the full question out you’ve grabbed my wrist and are pulling me into the living room. You fall back onto the couch pulling me down onto your lap into spanking position. In a swift motion, you pull my short skirt up and have issued two sharp, quick spankings before I can even catch my breath.

I yelp in surprise as a third spanking comes down onto my ass. Your hand rubs my stinging ass, caressing the pain away until you issue me another three swift, stinging blows. You tell me that an hour of your time was wasted in meetings today so now I will be punished with 60 spankings.

You are merciless in the slaps to my ass. One after another after another. I struggle to get free but you hold me tightly so all I can do is take it. On the last spanking you push me off of your lap onto the floor and pull me up onto my knees by my hair. You demand that I open my mouth as you unbuckle your belt. I keep my mouth closed as you unbutton and then unzip your pants. You growl at me to open my fucking mouth, but I keep it closed. Your rock hardness springs forth as you drop your pants, again you demand I open my mouth and again I refuse.

You weave your fingers through my hair again and pull my head back, my mouth opens in a gasp and your thickness is there to immediately fill the opening. You fuck my throat hard and fast. I gag as you slide down my throat deeper and deeper with each stroke. Your hands hold my head in place so that I cannot pull away, I can’t run from the throat fucking you are giving me.

I am gagging when you finally pull yourself from the slipper depths of my throat and pull me to my feet. I’m gasping to catch my breath as I look into your face, your eyes even wilder than when you came home. You spin me and push me back onto the couch, you follow right on top of me. Your lips find my neck as you slide deep inside of me. My back arches as I take every inch of you. My legs quake as your strokes go deeper and deeper

I feel your breath catch on my neck and I know you cannot hold back much longer. You put my legs over your shoulders and pound hard and deep, releasing the days frustration away inside of me.

My name rips from your lips on your next thrust. You throb deep inside of me as you fill me with your creamy goodness.

You collapse onto me, your breath ragged as I wrap my legs around you and hold you close to me. Welcome home babe.

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

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