Hot Water

I love a shower with hot water. Water so hot that you can barely stand it. Water raining down over my body, kissing every bit of me with its hot caress.

What I love even more than a hot, soapy shower alone is a hot soapy, shower with you. I love when you slip into the shower behind me and press into my back. Your chest to my back as your hands wrap around me to cup my huge titties in your massive hands. Your hands massage my soapy, slippery titties squeezing my nipples.

I love feeling your hardness on my ass. I love feeling it grow and get harder and harder as your hands work my boobs. I love hearing your breath deepen as I reach around to take you in my soapy hand and slide up and down the length of you. I love how long and thick you are in my hand as I slip up and down.

I let go and turn to let the shower spray rinse your dick clean from the soap before I quickly turn and brace myself against the wall. I want you inside of me now. The shower stream beats down over my back as I lean into the wall bending just enough at the waist for you to take me. You waste no time as you bend me over a bit more and thrust hard and deep into my warm wetness.

I cry out as you fuck me hard, your hands on my hips to steady you as your thrust deeper and harder with each stroke. My pussy is throbbing with pleasure and orgasm as you drive over and over into me.

I’m cumming when you pull from me and push me to my knees, my mouth open to receive every drop of you.

You wash me and yourself before you turn the shower off and hand me a towel. I watch you as you take your own towel to the bedroom, waiting for me to dry every inch of you. Your dick already on hard again.

I smile as I step from the bedroom, body dry and pussy still soaking wet. I love showers with you!

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

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