Slippery, Soapy and Sudsy

The steady stream of the water drumming against my skin feels like pure heaven after sitting at my desk all day, meeting after meeting on the phone and via video chat has me feeling all types of exhausted. The heat from the water is helping to loosen my muscles and the chilled wine in my […]

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Want to Help?

You watch as I step from the shower, water dripping from every curve. You lick your lips, the hunger for me in your eyes. Standing on the rug, water dripping from me, I let you take me in, your eyes drinking me in. I reach for a soft, fluffy towel from the shelf knowing how […]

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Getting Ready for Work

My alarm is bleating, begging for my attention before my sleepy hand finds it, silencing its annoying wail. The sun is barely shining through my window as I rub my eyes and snuggle in for five more minutes. Why does my bed feel so good when I have to get up?!?! I slip from bed […]

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