Naughty Thoughts …

I’m really craving two cocks inside of me! One stretching my tight ass and the other filling my wet pussy. I want them to slide in and out slow and deep. Mmmmmmmm … so deep! Smooches xoxo, Delicious Daydream

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Home From Work

It’s about 10pm when I finally pull into the driveway. It’s been a hella long day at work and I am exhausted. I park in the circular driveway, grab the grocery bags from my quick stop on the way home and head inside. My heels click on the driveway as I hit the lock on […]

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Back to Work

It’s Monday again! Back to work! Getting ready It’s Monday again! Back to work! Getting ready for work this morning I’m thinking about you and how you will use every opportunity to brush up against me whenever you pass me. I can’t wait until our first break when we will sneak off to the downstairs […]

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