Round One

Double team me. Push deep inside of my ass while he thrusts up into my slippery pussy. Pull my ponytail as you mount me and ride my tight little asshole.

I moan as his cock pumps into my dripping wet pussy. I throb around him as your hand slips around my throat. You drive hard and faster into my ass, your breathing ragged in my ear as you draw near to orgasm.

He pinches my nipples as he drives faster up into me, sending me over the edge. I cum all over his dick as you cum deep inside of my ass. As you slip from inside of me and fall to the side, he flips me over in the other direction and onto my back.

Before I catch my breath, he has my thighs over his shoulders and pounds into me. Hard, deep and fast is how he like it. I cum again and again as he drives into me. I hold onto the sheets, gasping for air as another orgasm rips through me, his thickness making my pussy hurt so good.

It’s three more thrusts and he too is orgasming deep inside of me. His thick cock throbbing inside of me as he fills me.

His satisfied body drops onto mine. His cock still sheathed deep inside of me, my thighs spread wide to accommodate his mass on top of me. His breathing is thick and heavy but he stays on top of me.

It’s another few minutes before he finally catches his breath and I start to feel him to stir inside of me. Round two!

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