Naughty Thoughts

You sit in your cramped cubicle in your wrinkled, three day old khakis that smell of every place you’ve visited in the past three days. You mustard and teriyaki stained shirt is half tucked into your soiled khakis. Your work remains unfinished as you angrily scroll through my Fetlife profile. Your cock is angrily pressing against your extra snug briefs. The more you scroll, the harder you get. The harder you get the angrier you become knowing I’ll never slip your cock inside of me. You scroll faster, cock throbbing with the longing of my nipples in your mouth. Craving the wetness of my pussy around your cock.

Scrolling, scrolling and scrolling knowing you’ll never have the pleasure of my tits in your face as I ride you.

Scrolling, scrolling and scrolling your hand tightens around your phone as you cum hard in your dirty khakis. Your cube mates hear your muffled moans as you crave my body against yours.

Your anger simmers as you walk to the bathroom to clean up, your laptop bag held in front of you to disguise your still hard cock pressing against your khakis.

You lock yourself inside of well lit, cool stall and jerk your hungry little cock. You paint the stall with your thick jizz, your breath ragged as you lean against the coolness of the tile.

You tuck yourself back into your khakis and wipe up most of your cum from the wall. You can’t help yourself and continue to scroll through my Fetlife page again. Your need for the depths of my pussy make you hard again which makes you angry because all you have for release is your hand.

Will you go for round two?

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