Naughty Thoughts

I love coming into your store. I love watching your cock harden as I wander around, picking and choosing my favorite fruits for the week. I love seeing your breathing get shallow and your hands shake as I greet you and put my items on the counter in front of you. I love watching your eyes flick down to my rock hard nipples pressing against my tshirt, freshly sweaty from my workout. I love watching your cock stand at attention as I ask you how your day is. I love watching you as you watch me stare at your tented pants. I thank you as you hand me my bag. I love knowing you’re watching my ass shake in my slightly see through leggings. I love turning just before i get to the door to wish you a great day and catch you gripping your cock. I love knowing you will go and pleasure yourself in the employee bathroom. See you next week!

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