You pound so hard and fast, I can barely catch my breath. My tits bounce with each of your deep thrusts. Your hand on my neck squeezes tighter and tighter as you move closer to your orgasm. My breath comes in tiny gasps as you fuck me harder and harder.

My orgasm rolls through me as you thrust into my dripping wet pussy. I gasp out my orgasm as you go deeper inside of me, your hand completely tightened around my neck. My rock hard nipples scream for attention from the hungry mouth waiting in the corner.

Two more thrusts and you collapse on top of me. Your cock fills me full as your hand releases my neck. Deliciously cool air floods my lungs. I drink it in hungrily as he moves from the corner.

He pulls me from underneath you and shoved his thickness into my still gasping mouth. He fucks my throat hard and fast, holding my hands against the bed so I can’t stop him.

He cums quick and hard. His thick jizz shooting down my throat.

He pulls himself from my mouth as you spread my thighs and climb on top of me sliding your reenergized dick back inside of me. You give me another quick thrusts before you fill me again.

A moment later you slip away and I’m left shaking with orgasms. My pussy throbbing and pulsing for more. My nipples craving a mouth to suck them. I want more.

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