Slippery, Soapy and Sudsy

The steady stream of the water drumming against my skin feels like pure heaven after sitting at my desk all day, meeting after meeting on the phone and via video chat has me feeling all types of exhausted. The heat from the water is helping to loosen my muscles and the chilled wine in my glass is helping me to relax into the beginning of my weekend!

I place my glass on the windowsill next to my shower, the window still doesn’t have a curtain so every time my shower curtain moves a certain way, I know anyone looking is getting a full view! I like it! Maybe I’ll leave the window curtain free for a while.

As I stand back up into the stream from placing my glass down, I sigh a deep sigh of pleasure as the water and steam envelope me in a hot cloud of eucalyptus and warmth. I reach for my bar of peppermint soap, close my eyes as I step fully into the stream to get my body fully wet before turning my back to the stream. I bring my bar of soap to my shoulders and start to work the bar in small, slow circles.

Across my shoulders, down my arms and then onto my chest. Water trickles over my shoulders giving me the perfect amount of moisture as I lather my huge breasts with the fragrant peppermint bar. I trace my breasts with tiny circles, the soap lathering with each little circle I make. My nipples hardening with anticipation as the circles draw near. I let the soap slip over my nipple, a small moan in my throat as the slipper soap slides against the rock hardness of my little nipple. It feels so nice that I do it again and again and again.

I switch breasts and lather this one up as well, building my anticipation as I work my tiny circles down to my nipple and again tease myself with slippery passes over the hardness, my pussy begins to jump. I take another sip of wine and place the glass back down before I start to tease my nipples again.

I let my back rest against the shower wall, the water cascading over my lower half as I work the bar of soap into one heaving breast and then the other. My breath growing shallow as my fingers slip, pinch and tease my fully erect nipples. My thighs rub together in need as I deny myself the pleasure of my fingers.

I rinse my hands free of the peppermint soap lather and move to a softer shea whipped soap. I work that bar into a full lather between my hands before I place it on the shelf in the shower. My slippery, soapy and sudsy hands slide down my breasts, over my stomach and down to v that holds my pleasure palace.

My thighs spread almost on their own as my need grows with the anticipation I’m about to have. My slippery fingers slide over my clit, stroking it quickly. The soap lathers more as I make little circles on my clit, teasing the pleasure from it. My eyes flutter open and I catch a glimpse of my dildo on the shelf above me. I quickly grab it, lather it up in shea butter soap and push it neatly into my tight little asshole.

My fingers return to my clit, my ass is full with my luscious dildo, my nipples are rock hard and with a few more circles on my clit I cum hard and loud in the shower under the hot stream of water.

My entire body tenses as the orgasm rips through me and then immediately relaxes. I sag against the shower wall as I catch my breath and enjoy the pure pleasure of every sensation on and in my body. I give a little moan as I shake myself a little, I’ve already started to fall asleep! That wine and orgasm are always a winning combo! I rinse myself under the now cooling stream, slip my dildo from my ass and clean it before returning it to its shower shelf home. I turn off the water, reach out from behind the curtain for my fluffy towel and step from the shower, completely satisfied.

I quickly dry myself, massage in my lotions and oils, do a quick face routine and then slip my naked self between my cool sheets. The moment my head hits the pillow my eyes close and sleep washes over me.

Good night buttercup!

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

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