Work from Home

My job has me working from right now. It’s been two weeks since I’ve been into the office, but it’s been pretty chill. I’ve gotten my routine down so that I’ve dealt with most of my email log by noon and then I’m just coasting for the rest of the afternoon, popping into video conference meetings as needed. I miss my work friends a just a little but I miss my office lovers the most! Just thinking about Teddy from the third floor and his 2 o’clock visits has my pussy throbbing for his dick. Remembering how Ramon from accounting would stop by on Wednesdays with a pile of payroll for me to sign, his hardness stretching his slacks to the limit. His hand shaking to unbuckle his belt and unzip as soon as I put the pin down. I miss his length pushing down into my throat, him fucking my face into he exploded. I miss them!

Our work from home assignments are taken week by week so I know I won’t be seeing my office lovers this week, so I need to figure out a way to replace them until were back in the office. From my office bay window, I’ve noticed that my neighbors get deliveries constantly. I don’t have curtains or shades to the window to let in the maximum amount of light so I can see everyone coming and going and everyone can see me. The delivery drivers pull up quickly, hop off their trucks and move quickly to the door to drop off their deliveries. I watch muscled legs moving quickly and strong hands moving deftly. I watch toned asses in tight pants and sexy arms in fitted shirts. There is so much sexiness coming off those trucks and I want it!

I placed an order two days ago for some air purifier filters. My order is scheduled to be delivered today, so I make sure I am wearing a spandex workout top to hug my curves and to give me a touch of a pushup. I wear a super tight pair of leggings so that you can see the outline of my pussy. I want my delivery driver to be enticed when I open that door!

Of course, today is the day my emails are poppin and people need video meetings all day! I’ve been so busy that I don’t notice that a delivery truck has pulled up to my house until I hear the doorbell ring. I look up from my computer and see a big truck outside and my nipples immediately stiffen. I’m wearing my handsfree headset as I move to the door, adjusting my leggings to make sure my puffy pussy is on full display, the hardness of my nipples completely visible through my top.

I pull the door open just as the driver is leaving the package on the porch and is already turning to go. I hit mute on my headset and give a breathy thank you. She does a double take back at me as she’s moving in that customary quick stepped delivery driver retreat. I throw a wave and a beaming smile at her as she pauses in my yard a moment, taking me in, her eyes lingering on my body. I let my hand drift over my breasts before I bend to pick up my package. I stand and thank her again for my delivery before I head back into the house.

I sit back down at my desk and I can see her sitting in her truck. I figure she’s completing paperwork before she pulls off for her next stop. I wrap up my call and get ready for a video call with my team when I see her jump out of her truck and jog across my yard. My doorbell rings a moment later.

The moment I open the door, she pushes her way inside and pins me to the wall, her lips on mine her hands on my ass squeezing and caressing. Her tongue explores my mouth as my hands unbutton her pants. She gasps as I slip my finger into her slippery warmth. I waste no time in fingering her to orgasm with quick and deep strokes. My front door is still open and my neighbor watches from his driveway, his car door still open from his recent exit.

My computer chimes to let me know my presence is needed on the conference call but she isn’t ready to leave yet. I pull her into my office, pull my leggings down and off before I sit into my plush office chair. I quickly tell her I must jump on the call, tell her to me quiet and then lean back and spread my legs to her. I am joining the call as her mouth finds my lips, sucking and licking. Her tongue finds my clit and I can barely keep my focus on the meeting.

I struggle to keep a straight face as she slips one and then two fingers inside of me, her tongue mercilessly working on my clit. I try and hit the mute button on my headset as an orgasm rolls through me. I’m reaching for the hide video button when my body tenses with orgasm, a deep moan pulling from my lips. My thighs quake around her head as I cum.

She releases my clit and stands, wiping my glaze from her face as she tugs her pants back into place. She’s gives me a wicked little grin as she moves out of the room. I hear the front door close and then see her a moment later jogging back across the street, waving to my neighbor still standing in my driveway before she jumps into her truck and drives away.

I’m reaching down to grab my leggings when I hear the front door open and close. I look out of the window and don’t see her truck, so I’m confused who has come in until my neighbor from across the street walks into the room. His rock-hard dick is on full display through his unzipped pants as he walks in. He doesn’t speak as he walks up to me still seated in my chair. He grabs my hair, tugging my head up, my mouth opening as he pushes his shaft into my mouth. His breathing is jagged as he fucks my throat, his hands on either side of my head guiding me up and down on him.

He pulls himself from my hungry mouth to step back and unbuckle his buckle, letting his pants hit the floor as he pulls me from the chair and pushes me onto the floor. He is on top of me in the blink of an eye and deeply inside of me a moment later. He fucks me hard and fast, pushing his greedy dick deep inside of my insatiable pussy.

His hands squeeze my tits as his hips move in a frenzy. He moves to hold my hands down onto the floor as he fucks me even faster and harder. He thrusts one last, deep time and I feel him release into me. His dick pulses inside of me as savors the moment.

He keeps me pinned to the floor as he waits for his breath to slow. Only when he is soft and slipping from me does he stand and pull his pants back into place. He helps me from the floor before turning to go. Again, I hear the door close and see him move across the street back to his house. I’m looking for my leggings when I remember my video call.

I giggle a little to myself as I tug on my leggings and sitting back into my comfy chair. I move to hit the button to take me off mute when I realize that I never hit it in the first place! Everyone has heard everything! They are all grinning at me from their chat windows. When I tug my headset back into place, I hear them clapping and whistling for my naughty adventures. A moment later my private message box is blowing up with requests for one on one, in person meetings! Looks like I have plenty of lover replacements available until were back in the office!

I get our meeting back on track, making sure to frame myself so my still hard nipples are in the shot and get to work. I casually let the team know that if they need an in-person meeting to add themselves to my calendar. My calendar is full within five minutes of that announcement with the next day also quickly filling! Meetings are quickly becoming my favorite part of the day!

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

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