Ride Share

It’s 2 am and I’m in the backseat of my Uber ride share, still buzzing from the night of cocktails and laughs with my girls! I have my legs up comfortable across the seat of the SUV when the driver tells me we will pick up one other passenger on the way to my destination. I let him know that it’s cool as I watch his eyes drink me in in the rear-view mirror. I move around just enough to make my already short skirt ride up to just below my lace panties, giving him a flash of hot pink.

A couple of quick turns and a few stop lights later we pull up to an apartment building where you are waiting by the lobby doors. I watch you walk to the car, you fitted pants hugging your thigh muscles, pulling just enough across your crotch to let me see a bulge. Before you make it to the car, I know that I must have you.

As you pull the door open to the backseat, I lean over to move my purse out of your way and to give you an eyeful of my braless titties as my shirt gapes open with my leaning. I look up smile as I sit back into my seat, taking you in as you slide into the backseat with me. You smell so good! I catch myself leaning into you and breathing deeply. I close my eyes and relish the delicious smell of your cologne, moaning softly. I love a man who smells good!

As I open my eyes you are staring at me, a wicked little grin on your face. I take that little grin as my greenlight and lean into you and breathe deeply. I kiss your neck, nibble your ear and move so that I’m straddling you. Before you can speak, my lips meet yours and I kiss you deeply. As your shock leaves you, your hands grip my ass as I start to grind my hips into yours. You moan into my mouth as I grind harder and kiss you deeper.

My fingers find your belt buckle and I quickly have it undone, moving onto the button and then zipper of your jeans. You lift your hips and push your pants and undies down in one smooth move. I smile as your short, thick dick pops out. I can’t wait!

I pull my hot pink panties to the side and sink down onto you. We both gasp you stretch my tight pussy with your thickness. It takes me a few tries before I can get all of you inside of me but once I do, I ride you hard. You push my shirt up and pull my nipple hard into your mouth, sucking as I ride you. You bite my nipple and I cum hard, my pussy pulsing around your dick, your breath catching with each pulse.

You grip my hips and maneuver us so that I’m on my back and you are above me, your dick never leaving my purring pussy. I moan loudly as you push my knees up to my ears, your dick driving deep into me. I scream with pleasure as you drill into me, my thighs quaking with another orgasm as I feel your body tighten and then your explosion into me.

It’s only when you slide from inside of me and back into your seat when I notice that the car is stopped. When I peak outside, I realize we have made it to my apartment building. The sound of a moan brings my gaze to the front seat and that when I realize the driver has taken this moment to pleasure himself too! His dick is rock hard and I can’t help myself! I lean over the seat and pull him into my mouth just as he releases. His hot cum squirts down my throat and I swallow every drop before pull back a sit back into my seat. I tug my panties back into place and grab my purse. I toss a goodnight to both of you as I climb over you and out into the cool night air. I hear you asking for my number before I swing the cars door shut behind me. I smile as I glance back and see you both leaning out of the car, calling after me for my phone number. I laugh as the doorman opens the door for me, wishing me a good night. I give him a wink and head to the elevator up to my apartment.

What an amazing car share! I can’t wait for the next one!

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

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