Morning Poke

I love when you snuggle in behind me and wake me up with that morning poke! You guiding your morning wood into my sleeping pussy, waking her up with your hungry dick. Pushing into me until I’m wet and open for you. Your hands squeezing my hips, my tits, my ass. Your morning need for makes me wet.

Your mouth finds my shoulder, you suck and moan as you dive deeper into my endless pools of pleasure.

You roll us so that Im chest down on the bed, you on top, my thighs closes to give that added pressure to your thickness sliding in and out of me. You hold my wrists down as you drive into me, your thrusts long and deep.

Deeper you drive, hitting my spot. My body shakes with orgasm as you hit that spot over and over. I can feel the sheets dampen underneath me as you make me cum and cum again.

I don’t think I can take anymore when I feel you tighten, my name on your lips as you drive deeper still and fill me with every drop of you.

Only when you are empty do you release my wrists and fall to my side, you slip from inside of me.

I roll onto my back and see he’s been watching and waiting patiently. Before I can speak, he’s crossed the room, climbed up onto the bed and is between my thighs smoothly gliding into my still throbbing pussy.

His breaths are ragged and I know he won’t last long. His hips pound me so hard and deep. My legs over his shoulders, he leans into me giving me his full weight on every thrust.

I moan as he pulls an orgasm from me, my ousts tightening around him. His breath catching on his throat as he dick jumps with release. He gasps as I pulse my pussy around him, making him stay inside of me while he cums. Only when I’m ready do I release him to slip out and let my thighs off of his shoulder. He slips to my other side and starts to drift off to sleep.

I feel my eyes start to close as I too drift back into dream land. I wonder who will wake me next with a morning poke?

Smooches xoxo

Delicious Daydrean

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