put your heavy dick between my big juicy tits. Slow stroke as I squeeze them around your thickness, the tip touching my waiting tongue on each thrust. Let your lust guide your hips as your orgasm rolls through you.

You move faster as your need for release hounds you. Your breath is shallow as you stare down at the heaving mounds you e fantasized about from the moment you met me. You want this moment to last forever but you know you only have seconds.

Your orgasm is a raspy guttural growl on your lips as your hips fly, your explosion pulsing up from my juicy tits and onto my chin.

I’m even more slippery for you now and you close your eyes as you drift into the deliciousness of the silky soft heaven of my titties.

Only when you stop your slow, satiated strokes do I slide down just enough to take you into my mouth and swallow every drop of you. You gasp as I pull you fully into mouth and greedily suck you clean. Suck you back to attention.

You move quickly, pushing my thighs apart, you plunge into my wetness. I’m slick with need as you plunge hard and fast into me, your mouth sucking hard on my rock hard nipple.

I quake with release just as you explode into me, filling me.

You collapse on top of me, our jagged breaths the only sound in the room. I start to drift off to sleep with you still inside of me, already knowing just how you’ll wake me!

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

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