Come Home For Lunch

I’m still throbbing from the pounding you gave me this morning before you left for work. I want more! I want you back inside of me, your hand around my neck and your hardness filling me up.

I pull the sheet down and hit record on my Snaphcat to send you a sexy little video of me rubbing my hard nipples. I send it to you and instantly see that you open it but don’t respond. I know you’re in meetings all morning but I want you. I message you to come home for lunch. You open the message but no response. I obviously need to kick it up a notch.

I pull the sheet completely from my body and hit record. The camera follows my fingers down to the v between my legs, my fingers tickling my clit before I let them dip into my pussy. The Snapchat video reached its time limit. I pull my fingers from inside of my warmness and send you the tease.

You open it immediately and send me a devil emoji. I know you’re hard and horny in your meeting. Can others tell? I hope so!

I keep escalating the level of sexiness of each of my snaps to you. I let you see my fingers play all over my body. I see you open every message as I finger myself, squeeze my titties and writhe around my bed. I send you snaps as I pull my vibrator out and make myself cum.

You open the message but you don’t respond. I’m drifting off to sleep when you text me. I crack my eye open to read your text. I laugh HARD when I read that you’ve cum in your pants at the table that is surrounded my your co-workers! You tell me you are sure the people on either side of you have seen the snaps, are horny AND know that you orgasmed in the meeting!

I text you back that next time I ask you to come home you should make it happen! I rollover laughing as I drift off into my nap.

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

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