Hard and Fast

Press me against the wall, rip my panties off and fuck me hard and fast. Don’t speak, just take your pleasure. Let your hips thrust hard, seeking the pleasure you crave in the depths of my wetness. Let you fingers squeeze and grab my huge titties. Bite my shoulder as you try to press your cock as far into me as possible, still craving deeper.

Pound into me mercilessly as my body quakes with orgasm. Roughly grab my tits as you reach orgasm. Press into me as you fill me with your cum. Lean you weight into me as you regain your senses from the euphoria of your finding pleasure between my thighs.

I stay against the wall as your satiated cock slips from my dripping pussy, my torn panties at my feet. You kiss my neck as I pull my skirt back into place and my tight top back over my heaving breasts, my nipples still rock hard.

I turn just in time to see you leave back through the front door. Off to work you go. Until tomorrow when you visit on your way to work.

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

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