Kegel Balls

I have my kegel balls in and they are making me so horny! My pussy is throbbing! I need to be fucked so bad. Bent over a countertop. Have my panties ripped off. Your fingers scratching me as you tear the thin lace of my tiny panties. Your hands shake with anticipation. You greedily crave the wetness of my pussy on your hard shaft. You know I’ll be tight and ready for you.

You barely get your straining cock out of your pants and buried deep inside of me when you feel the wash of orgasm rolling through you. You’re about to cum and you don’t want to. You try to outrun your orgasm. It’s rolling hard through you as your hips piston into me with lightening speed.

Your nails dig into my hips as you slap your dick into me harder and deeper. Your breath rushing from your lips in shallow gasps. You gasp as your fight to hold your orgasm off is lost. You cum hard, filling my pussy with every drop of you. I feel you throb inside of me as your cock drains.

Your breathing is still ragged as you begin to move your hips. You aren’t ready to stop. I feel you harden again. Not as hard as before but just enough. You pull me up so my back is pressed into your chest. Your hands grabs my juicy tit, squeezing it as you drive yourself up into me.

Quick thrusts, your mouth on my neck hand squeezing my tit. You bite me as you cum again, pulling me into you even tighter your hand pleasurably painfully squeezing my tit.

Your mouth releases my neck as your satiated dick slips from my dripping wet pussy. I want more if you. I fall to my knees and pull your soft cock into my mouth. My eyes plead for more as I suck you.

You laugh as you pull me onto my feet and push me onto the bed. You tell me I’ll have to wait patiently for the next round as you move to the bathroom room for a shower.

I’m on the bed, naked and wet waiting for you. Hurry baby. I need it!

Smooches xoxo ,

Delicious Daydream

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