Naughty Thoughts …

The waiter just walked away and your hand is already between my thighs, your finger slipping into me. I bite my lip as you push deeper. One of my hands grips the table as you increase the speed, your lips on my ear. A moan slips from my lips as our waiter returns to our table with our wine. I see her wicked grin before my eyes roll back as my orgasm rolls through me. I grip the table for all I’m worth to keep from moaning loudly in the crowded restaurant.

You pull your fingers from my still quivering wetness and put them in your mouth, sucking every drop of nectar from them. I watch you, craving your mouth on me, craving your cock inside of me. My hands move to stroke your through your pants but you deny me. You see the want in my eyes but you want me in a frenzy so you deny me. I want you so bad and you know it but you make me wait.

All I can think about is riding you and you know it. I hate you but love you for teasing me like this! Please give me what I want baby. I’m begging.

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

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