Getting Ready for Work

My alarm is bleating, begging for my attention before my sleepy hand finds it, silencing its annoying wail. The sun is barely shining through my window as I rub my eyes and snuggle in for five more minutes. Why does my bed feel so good when I have to get up?!?!

I slip from bed before I play myself and fall completely back to sleep. My feet pad across the carpeted floor of my bedroom until I reach the cool tiles of my bathroom. I immediately turn the shower on so the water can be scorching when I step in. I sleep in the nude so all I have to do is put my hair up. I take a beat to stare at myself in the mirror. My nipples hard from the cool air. My tits heavy and juicy, waiting for a pair of hands to caress and squeeze them.

I tweak my nipples before I pull the shower curtain back and slip beneath the hot stream. The water so hot it stings my skin a little but I love it. The water feels so good as it beats down on me. I pump some body wash onto my hands and rub my body until I’m all soapy and slippery. My hands slipping and sliding all over my curves.

My soapy hands slip over my hard nipples, over my soapy stomach and down to the v between my thighs. My fingers slip over my clit, sending a tingling sensation through my whole body. I work my fingers against my clit quickly until I bring myself to a delicious little orgasm under the hot stream of the shower.

Now that I’m fully awake I begin to get ready for work. Happy Monday!

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

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