Friday Shenanigans

I can barely stay on my knees at you pound deeply into my ass, my mouth gaped open struggling to take all of Anthony as he fucks my throat. I feel your thrusts slow as Chris positions himself behind me, slipping his thickness into my dripping pussy.

You mount me to get better positioning in my ass as Chris thrusts deep into me, his hands gripping my hips for leverage. Your hands are on my shoulders, your hips piston deep into me. I moan deeply, my screams muffled by Anthony’s shaft snaking down my throat.

You are pounding so hard that you slip out of me, your greedy dick blindly trying to find its way back into me ass. I finally get my mouth free from Anthonys’ shaft as you plunge back into my tight asshole.

Anthony moves around and switches places with Chris, my pussy only empty for a moment before Anthony dives deep, his thrusts long and deep. I’m cumming, my body tensing and quaking with pleasure as Chris tries to slip between my pillowy lips. I deny him entrance, relishing the pleasure radiating in my ass and pussy as you both fuck me hard and fast.

Anthony grabs my hair and forces his shaft into my mouth, making me take every inch of him. The taste of his cum is on my tongue a moment later as his hands tighten in my hair. His hips thrusting faster and deeper into my throat. I brace myself and take him, fighting off the urge to gag with each of his thrusts as best I can. With one last thrust, he cums in my throat. His hot cum exploding deep into my throat before I get a chance to taste and savor it.

Anthony slips his satiated dick from my mouth as you and Chris continue to fuck me. Chris pulls out and pulls me so that you have to unmount me. He pushes me onto my back, my head hanging over the edge of the bed. He pushes into me, his hands firmly gripping, squeezing my tits as he fucks me so hard that I can barely take it.

With my head hanging off the edge of the bed, you slip your thick dick into my mouth, cradle the back of my head and fuck my mouth. You hold my head firmly, giving me no relief from taking all of you deep into my throat. I gag continuously as you fuck my throat. My thighs quake with orgasm after orgasm as you and Chris fuck me deliciously!

I tighten my pussy around Chris, pushing him over the edge. He grunts loudly as he cums inside of me. You follow quickly behind him, my name on your lips as you push your dick deep into my throat, emptying every drop of your sweetness.

Only when you are completely empty do you pull yourself from my mouth. Chris is collapsed on top of me. His breathing still heavy, his heavy dick still inside of me. I try to move from underneath him but he start sucking on my neck, his hips making slow circles. I feel his cock start to stir and know he isn’t done with me. His lips never leave my neck as he grows harder inside of me.

Chris sucks my neck mercilessly as his hips pump into me. I love the missionary position and he knows it. He pumps into me hard and fast, his dick touching that spot making me cum instantly. He cums right after me, filling me to overflowing with is orgasm.

Chris rolls off me but before I can get up Anthony moves grips my head, forces my mouth open and cums in my mouth and my throat. He’s watched Anthony fuck me and couldn’t hold back to fuck me again. His cock throbs in my mouth as he empties into my mouth, my throat working to swallow every drop of him.

I’m finally able to roll onto the bed and close my eyes for a moment, catching my breath. I’m drifting off  to sleep when I feel someone part my thighs, a tongue licking my pussy a moment later, licking and dipping into my cum filled pussy.

His body slides up mine, his hand slipping over my mouth as his dick slides deep into my slippery pussy. It’s Chris. He’s always able to cum back to back, recovering super quick between orgasms. He loves to dominate me like this. His hand covers my mouth and my nose, cutting off my air as his hips move frantically. He wants it to last but he knows he will cum quickly.

I try to move his hand from my face but he denies me air. My body bucks with need and this is what he’s been waiting for. His orgasm rips through him leaving his mouth with a roar. Only then does he move his hand away, giving me sweet air and an orgasm. I cum all over his dick.

Chris rolls off me and I roll over gasping for air. I don’t think I can take anymore but my pussy throbs for more. I close my eyes and start slipping into sleep again. My eyes flutter open as I feel movement in the room. I see you and Anthony walking towards the bed. Each of you are stroking your cocks and looking at me hungrily.

My eyes flutter closed as I feel someone climb onto the bed. I smile sleepily as someone moves between my thighs. It’s about to be a long sexy night!

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream X�

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