Good Morning Sunshine

I wake to you pulling me to the edge of our king size bed where you stand. You pull until my ass is just hanging off of the edge, my legs open so that you can stand in the middle of them. You quickly tug your shorts down, grip your thickness and guide into me. I gasp as you thrust hard and fast, my hands gripping the edge of the bed to hold on.

My ankles are on your shoulders, your hands wrapped around my thighs to give you the leverage you need to drive into me. I’m fully awake now as you pound my sleepy little pussy, my heavy tits moving in time with your hips.

I cum, my wet pussy tightening around your rock hard cock pulling your orgasm from you. You grunt with pleasure as you fill me with your warm jizz. I feel your cock throb inside of me as you empty.

You slip from inside of me and head to the shower as I snuggle back under the covers. Good morning sunshine!

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

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