Video for My Private Snapchat

He emailed me last week offering his services to be the person playing with me on my private Snapchat. I checked out his profile on Fetlife, liked what I saw and messaged him back. I gave him an audition time to show me his moves in person. He will be here in ten minutes for his interview!

I hear a knock on the hotel suite door just as I finish pulling up my tiny thong panties underneath my t-shirt that comes down just enough to cover my ass. I glide to the door, check the peephole and then pull the door open wide, giving him a full view of me before I invite him in.

He’s tall, I have to look up at him. He smells delicious! I love a man who smells good! He’s definitely a cutie but what does that dick look like in person?!?!

I don’t waste any time. I’m asking him how his day is going as I give him a pen and the waiver to sign releasing all of his rights to any and all content we create. He happily agrees as I drop to my knees in front of him and help him out of his shoes, unbuckle his belt and then his jeans, tugging them down so he can step out of them. When his jeans are out of the way I can see the bulge in his boxer briefs! It’s nice and thick but I don’t touch quite yet.

I jump back onto my feet, take and quickly review his waiver and then pop it into the safe of the hotel suite. I’m always a business woman first, business before pleasure! He’s standing in the middle of the floor when I return, pull my t-shirt over my head and sink back onto my knees. I hit record video on my camera and hand it to him. Its show time! With one smooth motion, I pull his boxer briefs down and pull his raging thickness into my mouth as far as I can take it. He gasps when he hits the back of my throat. I drop down a bit opening my throat and he’s able to slide down a bit more.

His hips thrust fast and deep into my throat, slipping deeper and deeper. I push him back, the full length of him slipping past my full lips as I gulp in air, his cock slippery from my throat. I’m still gasping when he grabs the back of my hair in his fist and rams his cock at my mouth. I open wide for him. He’s back in my throat and I’m gagging, the sound egging him on to go deeper.

I push him back again and tells me to sit up some, putting his throbbing cock between my huge greedy tits. The slipperiness from my throat is his lube as he begins to power fuck my tits. I squeeze them around his shaft as he slips in between the sexy softness of my breasts. His breathing is jagged and shallow, his thrusts are getting faster and faster. He tells me he’s about to cum when he pulls me to my feet, pushes me face first onto the bed and pushes his thickness deep into my dripping pussy just in time to cum deep inside of me.

I gasp from the surprise of the size of him inside of me as I feel him throbbing with release, filling me up. His breathing has slowed a bit when he pulls out of me. I roll over onto my back on the bed and smile up at him. He hands me the camera and I stop recording. I tell him the audition process will be completed by close of business today and that I will be in touch with my decision.

He’s dressed and headed for the door when someone knocks. I ask him to let my next audition in and to shut the door behind him. It’s about to be a busy day!

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

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