Professional Cuddle Appointment #3

She booked her cuddle appointment a week ago. We messaged back and forth a bit, chit chatting and light flirting. She told me that she stumbled across the cuddle website and wanted to give it a try. More specifically, to give me a try.

On the day of our appointment, I dress in what she’s requested. A very low-cut black top and underneath a black push up bra that gives my huge breasts amazing cleavage! A pair of black sheer silk panties, black thigh high stockings with a garter all underneath a form fitting black pencil skirt. My feet are in a beautiful pair of six-inch, black stilettos. All black. I look fierce!

I glide into the hotel lobby an hour before our scheduled three o’clock appointment. I check in and make myself a drink, making myself comfortable before she gets there. I’m pouring my second drink when she texts me that she’s arrived and is parking. I direct her to meet me in the lobby.

I swallow the remainder of my drink in one long, deep swallow, check myself in the mirror, grab my key card and head for the elevator. There are two men waiting for the elevator when I walk up to join them. Their conversation stops as they turn to take me in, openly ogling me from head to toe. I smile, say hello to them and step onto the now waiting elevator car.

The step in with me, I hit the lobby button and ask them what floor. They both say lobby at the same time and I giggle as I hit the button and turn to the closing doors giving them a perfect view of my ass in this skirt that fits me like a glove.

No one says a word, but I can feel their eyes all over me. The elevator finally slides to our destination and I look back at the, at their bulging crotches and wish them a good day! I sashay off the elevator, putting a little extra twist in my hips for them!

I settle into one of the couches in the lobby that’s a little off to the side so that we can have a little privacy but still be seen. You never know when you might meet your next cuddle client!

I feel and see eyes all over me. Staring openly and shyly as I sit perched on this beautiful couch. My breasts on full display as I lean over to adjust the strap on my shoe. I take my time adjusting the strap, giving everyone looking a full show. I want them hot and horny for me. Teasing makes me so horny! I love it!

It’s a few moments later when I’ve sat back on the couch and am playing on my phone when she walks up to the couch. My eyes move from my phone to her heels, a red six-inch stiletto. Up her stockinged legs to a very short skirt. So short I can almost see the top of her stockings. Up her body to her big, juicy breasts covered only by a very sheer top. So sheer that I can clearly see her breasts and very hard nipples. They look so suckable! I can’t wait! My eyes finally travel up to her smiling face. Very beautiful!

She thrusts out her hand and nervously introduces herself. I stand, introducing myself as I pull her into a hug. I’m a hugger! She tightly hugs me back, her hands traveling down the length of body, her hands moving to my ass and squeezing. We laugh as we move apart and sit down on the couch. She tells me that she is nervous but excited. I tell her that I feel the same way. I tell her this is where I like to settle the remainder of the bill so that once we go upstairs everything is taken care of.

She reaches into the tiny purse that is slung across her body and hands me a pink envelope with my fee. I quickly count it and slip the envelope under my phone. I thank her and ask if she’s ready to head upstairs. She smiles and says she has a request. She tells me she has reviewed my list of extras and wants a few of them. She then slips another pink envelope out of her purse and hands it to me. This one is far thicker than the first. I quickly count this one as well and ask her which extras does she want?

She is looking up and sexily through her lashes as she tells me she wants us both naked and she wants all of me. She leans in closer to me, her hand on my thigh as she tells me she wants to suck on my tits while she fingers my wet pussy. She whispers in my ear that she wants to press her titties into mine while she tongues me down. Still whispering in my ear, she moans and tells me she wants to rub her pussy against mine. She wants all of me.

I turn just a bit so that I can bring her lips to mine and I kiss her long and deep, my hand on her thigh slipping between her legs as she moves them apart just enough for my hands to graze her soaking wet panties. I capture her moan in our kiss and let my fingers graze over her clit one more time before I move my hand away and break out kiss.

As I stand from the couch, I see a couple watching us from a couch in the same cozy corner. Their backs are to the room, shielding the naughtiness they have going on. His pants are unzipped and his rock-hard shaft is in her hand. She’s stroking him as he plays with her pussy. I smile at them as I tug my skirt back into place and offer my hand to help my client up. She too stands and pulls her tiny skirt back into place. She’s also seen the sexy couple and puts on a little show for them. She pulls me into a hard kiss, her hand squeezing my ass as she works her hips into me. It takes my breath away a little as she works her body against mine. I hear the man groan and we break our kiss to look.

He’s cumming as the woman’s hand works feverishly up and down his shaft, her mouth catching every drop of cum as his cock throbs with release. We stand watching as her finishes in her greedy mouth, his hands push her head all the way down the length of him. We move away only when she has swallowed the last drop and he is tucking himself away.

We move quickly onto the elevator, both of us now very excited to get our cuddle appointment started! The door isn’t fully closed before her hands are all over me. I quickly set the alarm and toss my phone on the table. She is suddenly very dominate and aggressive and I love it! She pulls my clothes off, undressing me with lighting speed. I try undressing her at the same time, but she moves my hands away. She’s undressed me down to my garters, thigh high stockings, panties and six-inch stilettos. Her mouth is sucking hard and fast at my nipples, her hands squeezing my ass as I stand there and lavish in the feel of her tongue and mouth on my nipples.

She pushes me back onto the bed, slips my panties off and kneels at the foot of the bed so that her face is directly between my thighs. Without a word, she pushes my thighs apart even further and dives into me, her lips sucking and licking my clit expertly. My back bows as I feel the orgasm start to roll through me. My fingers intertwine through her hair as she licks and sucks my clit in a delicious rhythm. When her fingers enter me and start tapping on my g-spot I lose it! My body quakes with orgasm as her mouth and fingers work on me, never losing pace. I cum again and again. The orgasms are hard, fast and intense.

She’s unrelenting as my body orgasms underneath her. I beg her to stop, I don’t think I can take anymore but she doesn’t listen. She brings me again to that sweet bliss, my hands on my nipples as I gasp out my pleasure.

Only when my body is truly limp with satisfaction does she pull her mouth away from my clit, her face we with me. She steps back from the bed as I lay gasping for breath, my body still quaking as little orgasms continue to roll through me.

I hear her clothes and shoes hit the floor before I feel her climb onto the bed. She takes one of my legs and puts it on my shoulder as she moves to position herself between my thighs, her pussy on mine. I whisper that I need a minute, but she just smiles at me as her hips begin to move against mine. Her clit rubbing mine. She goes hard and fast. She palms one of my breasts as she works herself against me.

She cums quickly, her orgasm ripping and a loud scream from her lips as she grinds her hips into mine. Her hips slow and stop as she lets her pleasure wash over her before collapsing on the bed next to me. My eyes are starting to drift closed with sleepiness when the alarm chimes from the table. Our cuddle appointment is over. I shake her as she too has let her eyes drift closed and let her know our time is up. She smiles and kisses me before she heads to the restroom to clean up.

I scoot off of the bed and try to stand only to find my legs are still like jelly. I must give it a minute before I can fully stand and get my clothes back on. She’s coming out of the restroom and I’m pulling my skirt on when I hear my phone chime to let me know I have a new booking. I slip my shoes on before I check my phone and that’s when I see the booking is with her! While in the restroom, she scheduled her next cuddle appointment for the same time next week, a side note saying extras will be requested!

I look at her and she’s grinning from ear to ear! She thanks me for our appointment with a long kiss before I walk her to the elevator. We each give a little wave before the doors close and I turn to go back to my room. I’m already looking forward to next week!

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream _res

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