Professional Cuddle Appointment #

He booked his appointment last week for today. I booked the hotel room as soon as he paid his deposit for our appointment. From my first cuddle appointment, I’ve found a hotel room works out nicely! It’s neutral space, I can control access and I know exactly who will be in the room, no sneaky extras hiding in the closet!

He calls me when he reaches the parking lot as instructed. I text him back when I make it down to the lobby to meet me on the couches with a description of what I’m wearing, a teal t-shirt and jeans. I don’t have a bra on and my nipples are rock hard. Every pair of eyes that I pass heading to the couch zero in on my delicious nipples. I love it!

I settle in on one of the comfy couches with my bottle of water and magazine to keep me company while he parks and makes his way in. Before I can turn another page, I feel the couch sink in next to me as someone also settles in. It seems to quick for my cuddle appointment to have made it inside and I see that I’m right when I look to my left and see an older gentleman, who is not my cuddle appointment, sitting very close to me.

He has a huge smile on his face as he thrusts his hand towards me and tells me his name is Joshua. Joshua then tells me that he saw me walking through the lobby and just had to come tell me how beautiful I am, His eyes continuously travelling the length of my body and back up again to my face. I thank Joshua and wait for what he’s really sat down to ask me. As we sit silently, he finally licks his lips and asks if he can take me for a drink. I tell Joshua I have plans already, his hands rubbing his thighs, his hips moving just a bit. Joshua wants me, the desire is radiating off of him. Of course, I have to have a little fun.

I turn slightly on the couch so that my chest is facing Joshua, giving him a full-frontal view of my hard nipples. His breathing becomes a little shallower as he unabashedly adjusts his crotch. It must be getting uncomfortable sitting here with a hard on! I lean over to grab my water bottle and take a sip, a little water running down my chin. I bounce a little as I move quickly to catch it, my juicy tits shaking under my shirt.

Joshua refocuses on my face and tells me if I don’t have time to leave for a drink that he has a mini bar in his room, and we can just have a drink there. I make a pouty face and tell Joshua I wish I could, but my friend would be there any moment and poof! Just like that, my cuddle date walks up introducing himself.

I introduce Joshua and my cuddle date and ask Joshua to please excuse us. We are having a business meeting and need to get to work. I can tell Joshua doesn’t want to get up and show the room what’s going on in his pants, but he has no choice. He can’t think of a reason to stay. He slowly stands, his tented slacks leading the way as he walks towards the elevators. Smiles and open mouth giggles follow him the entire way.

My cuddle appointment is hovering, so I invite him to have a seat on the couch where Joshua was. He too takes in my hard nipples pressing against my shirt, openly staring. I ask him how his days been going; you know small talk before I let him know the process.

I tell him at this point he will pay the remainder of his balance, and any tips that we’ve discussed. He will tell me how wants to be cuddled and then we will make our way to my room where I will change into a body stocking for our session.  I advise him an alarm will be set for our session and when the alarm goes off that signals the end of our cuddling. He agrees. He tries to pay his balance on a credit card, no thanks! Cash only please! He tries to make a case for the card, I firmly tell him he can either pay in cash or leave. This isn’t a negotiation. He pays the cash.

We head to my room and I excuse myself to the restroom to change, I tell him to undress to his comfort level. When I return, he has undressed to his undershirt and boxer briefs. His cock is thick underneath his briefs.

My body stocking covers me from my neck to my toes. It’s a full body stocking! Smooth and silky just like stockings. It’s also completely sheer so I wear a body suit underneath that barely covers my huge tits! It’s an amazing tease!

I start the timer and we climb into bed and he wastes no time in snuggling in behind me. His hand pulling my hips into his so that his thickness is pressed into my ass. His hips start grinding, his hands are everywhere groping and squeezing me. He turns me over onto my back and climbs between my legs. He’s dry humping me hard and fast, his hands under my ass so he can press into me even more.

He asks me to take the body stocking off and I decline so he whips his briefs off and intensifies his thrusts. He’s grunting and panting, whispering how much he wants to fuck me. He’s begging for me to unzip my body stocking so he can suck on my tits. I again decline. His frustration is building, I can feel it in every thrust of his hips.

He begs me to unzip so he can finish on my heaving tits and once again I decline. I tell him he isn’t allowed to finish anywhere on me. His face is twisted with need as his hips piston into me. I grind against him making the tease all the more fun. I remind him again to not finish on me. He pulls himself off of me just as his cock releases an impressive explosion of cum on the bed.

His breath of ragged as his cock pumps out his orgasm before he collapses onto the bed next to me. I lie there waiting for him to pull himself together, his hands lazily stroking my legs and in between my thighs as I watch his cock start to harden again. He’s stroking his cock when the timer goes off. Our time is up!

I bounce off of the bed and head for the restroom to change. I tell him I will be out in a moment so that he can clean up before he leaves. He asks for ten more minutes so he can cum really fast and I decline. The time you have scheduled ends five minutes from the alarm. He sulks but begins getting dressed. I take a few moments to get dressed and put my hair and makeup back in placed. I look a little mussed, like a teenager who’s been dry humping! Lol!

When I open the bathroom door, he is fully dressed but his cock is in his hand and he is working it frantically, He asks me to lift my top and show him my tits, I decline. I lean against the frame of the bathroom door and watch him jerk his thickness. I squeeze one of my tits just to tease him and he releases, his cum once again shooting across the bed. His cock doesn’t fully soften, and I know he is super horny! I bet he would be a good fuck but were only here to cuddle!

He walks towards the bathroom and I move just out of reach of his hands as he moves by me. He leaves the door open as he cleans himself with a warm towel, tucking his semi hard cock back into his pants before zipping up and heading for the door. He asks if he can come back later and I tell him he can book another appointment. He asked if he would be able to finish on me next time and I advised him all extras need to be paid in cash tip at the meeting before the appointment. I told him I would text him a price list of my extras and blew him a kiss before closing the door.

I listened for the bell of the elevator before I peeked out to make sure he was truly gone. I gathered my things and also headed to the elevator to my real room up a floor! I have another cuddle appointment in a couple of hours and need to rest before! I can’t wait until she gets here!

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

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