The Counter

She’s sitting on the counter in front of me. I’m standing between her open thighs, my lips suctioned tightly to her breast sucking her hard, buttery nipple. My hands are braced against the counter to take the force of your delicious hips pounding into me from behind.

She moans and twists her fingers into my hair as I nibble her nipples. She loves when I alternate between nibbling and sucking! Her other hand plays with her clit, desperate to have my mouth there next but I make her wait.

Your hands are squeezing my hips as you thrust harder and faster into me, your cock so deep inside of me that I gasp with pleasure as you dive a little deeper. My pussy tightens around you as you thrust harder and harder until I finally explode all over you.

You wait until I’m done writhing in pleasure before you pull you thickness from inside of me and have her and I switch places. I lie back on the counter giving her full access to my dripping wet pussy, her lips and tongue licking every drop of my orgasm up. Her lip sucking my clit hard as your press into her.

She isn’t used to how thick you are so she screams when you thrust inside of her, your cock still slick with my juices. You fuck her hard and fast, her mouth on my pussy, my back arched in pleasure as we all roll to climax.

You cum first, your hips slamming feverishly into her as your cock jerks with release inside of her. She follows you as her pussy tightens around your still throbbing cock, her juices covering you. I’m next as I bury her face deeper between my thighs, my orgasm rippling through my body as her tongue dances across my clit.

I free her head as you slip from inside of her. I stay on the counter writhing with pleasure as my orgasm takes its time dancing through me.

I’m finally able to sit up and slip off the counter. I head to the hot shower you have waiting for me and can’t wait to what awaits me on the bathroom counter.

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream 00000000000000

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