Home From Work

It’s about 10pm when I finally pull into the driveway. It’s been a hella long day at work and I am exhausted. I park in the circular driveway, grab the grocery bags from my quick stop on the way home and head inside. My heels click on the driveway as I hit the lock on the car, the horn sounding its comforting chime that the alarm is activated.

I put my code into the front door lock, the door opening a moment later the cool air of my house welcoming me home. The house is dark, super dark! I can’t see any lights on at all so I know you aren’t home yet. I kick off my heels in the doorway while I still have the light of the moon lighting my way before I close and lock the front door.

I turn and am about to make my way to a light switch when a hand roughly grabs me from behind. Before I can scream an arm is around me and pushing me into the wall. The grocery bag fell to the floor when I was grabbed and I hear it being kicked out of the way as he pushes my body into the wall with his huge body.

My mind is spinning! Is it you giving me my fantasy? Is it a stranger in the house? It’s all happening so fast and it’s so dark.

I try to push off of the wall but he has me firmly pinned against the cool wall. I feel his hands on my ass as he rips my panties off, the material so lacey and delicate that it offers no resistance in his strong hands. A moment later his cock is at my opening and then he pushes roughly inside of me. His grunts of pleasure on my neck as he fucks me against the wall, his hands gripping my tits as his hips pump up into me.

A few more thrusts and he’s cumming inside of me, his hands tightening on my heaving breasts. His thrusts slow and then stops before he steps back from me, his absence forcing me to lean against the wall as I gasp for breath. My legs shaking, my pussy throbbing for more, my mind still spinning with confusion. What is going on?

Before I can turn to him, I am lifted and carried to the living room floor and placed on the thick carpet. My hands are pinned above my head as another moves between my thighs and slips inside of me, the cum from the first one a perfect lubricant for him.

He gasps when he enters me and stops moving for a moment before his lust takes over and he pumps frantically. He tells me how tight I am and I know he won’t last long. He pumps faster, his orgasm right there. He cums loudly, his entire body seizing as he releases into me. I squeeze my pussy tighter around him and he groans with pleasure.

He tells me he wants more and moves up to straddle my face. He moves so that he can fuck my face, his limp cock in my mouth. He wants me to suck him back to life so he can fuck me again. I open my mouth wide as he works his hips, hips sleeping cock waking up in my mouth. I start to gag on him as he grows harder and harder in my mouth. When he’s ready he leaves my mouth and pushes back into the depths of my wetness. Again, he groans and I know he won’t be able to fight it!

He throws my thighs over his shoulders and fucks me hard and fast. His long cock touching places that haven’t been touched in a long time. He is frenzied and his thrusts, trying to get as much out of the short time he has between my thighs.

His body is fully on top of mine now as his hips piston, sending his long shaft deep into me. I feel his body tense before I again tighten my pussy around his thrusting cock. His orgasm is deliciously loud and hard. His body shaking with release.

He collapses on top me, his breathing shallow and jagged. I can feel his rapid heartbeat. He stays there a moment before I feel hips start to stir. He wants more. Another voice comes out of the darkness telling him he’s had enough for now and to move aside. Slowly, he climbs off of me, his cock slipping from inside of me.

It’s still so dark in the room that I can’t tell who is here, but I feel someone between my legs, licking my pussy like an ice cream cone. Their tongue licking and cleaning me from the other two. His lips sucking my clit making me wetter as his fingers dive into me. He fingers me and sucks my clit until I can’t take it and beg him to fuck me.

I hear the material of his pants sliding down and then I feel him inside of me. He is on top of me, my thighs on his shoulders as he long strokes me. I’m starting to lose myself in the slow, steady rhythm of his body when he pulls out of me and puts the tip of his cock at the tight opening of my ass.

I tense but he is inside of my ass before I have time to anticipate the delicious pain. He again finds his rhythm and slow strokes my ass until I’m nice and open for him and that’s when he lets me have it. He fucks my ass hard and fast, pushing every inch of his rock-hard cock into me.

He is merciless as he fucks me, going balls deep on every thrust. I grip his forearms as he pumps into me, fucking my tight little hole until I cry out in orgasm. He follows right behind me, filling my little ass to overflowing.

My whole body quakes with orgasm, my pussy and ass throbbing for more.

I feel him slip out of me and I hear clothes being adjusted. I am writhing on the floor waiting for the next cock to fuck me when I hear the front door open and then close. The house is completely quiet. All of the lights in the entire house come back on then and I look around. I am alone. The house is empty. I run to the door and pull it open but no one is there. They’ve all vanished.

Now I’m even more confused. Who were they? How did they get in the house? And when will they come back?

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

5 thoughts on “Home From Work

  1. I love all your stories and the pictures if they are of you are stunning, you are so desirable. The way you explain and express what happens to you has me wanting to hear more of your adventures. Thank you so much for making this man very happy.


      1. I really do enjoy your blog, and your pictures. I love your body shape, I would have a difficult time saying no to you lol. Keep up the fantastic work on your blog. Much love and respect Johnny xxx


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