Sunday Brunch

Its Sunday brunch at our house this week! The house is full of our friends and friends of friends! The day is beautiful and the food smells amazing! A perfect turnout!

I’m wearing a beautiful turquoise colored dress that fits me like a glove! It’s long and flowing from the waist down but from the waist up it clings to my braless breasts accentuating my hard as ice nipples. The flowing bottom conceals the fact that I don’t have any panties on.

I greet each of our guests with a big hug, bringing them all the way in so that I can press my body against theirs. I notice some of them hold on for an extra second or two, some of their hands ‘accidentally’ grazing my ass as our embrace ends.

I feel eyes all over my body as I work the room, checking on our guests before the food is served by our catering staff. I also notice you watching me as the wanting eyes follow me around the room. I love when you watch me! I love flirting with others to make you a bit jealous. I love teasing you baby.

I make sure and lean into conversations, letting my breasts graze an arm or a chest. I let my hand wander across a chest here and there, accidentally touching another breast as I work the room. I don’t move as someone moves behind me, I let their hips work into my ass for the moment it takes them to move behind me. I make sure you see when the chef feeds me a little taste of waffle, the syrup dripping onto my chin, his lips cleaning it up for me.

The staff lets everyone know brunch is served and opens the brunch bar. As everyone moves towards the food you take my arm from behind and fast walk me down the hall to the powder room. Before I can say a word, you have the door closed and me bent over the sink. You’ve left the light off so the room is pitch dark as you grope to pull my dress up as you fumble with your belt buckle. I hear the zipper of your jeans and then your pants hit the floor as your hands grip my hips and you push your throbbing cock into me.

I gasp from the force of your thrust. You are so hungry for me! I’ve teased you good today! Your hips are in a frenzy, pumping hard and fast, your greedy cock trying to go deeper and deeper with each thrust. I try to stand up straight, but you push me back over, giving you full access to my wet pussy. You give me two more hard thrusts before you explode deep inside of me. Your body crumpling on top of mine as you wait for your gasping breaths to slow.

It’s another moment before you straighten and let your satiated cock slip from between my slippery lips. You clean yourself and kiss me hard before you slip from the powder room leaving me to get myself back together before I rejoin our guests. I’ve just put my dress back in place and am about to leave the room when the chef opens the door, illuminating the dark room with the hall light behind him.

Chef slips into the powder room, shutting the door tight behind him and leaving the light off. Chef pulls me down onto the floor, slips his chefs pants down, throws my legs over his shoulders and slips into my still wet pussy. He groans as he slow thrusts inside of me. Chef is another reason why I love Sunday brunch! He always manages to find his way between my thighs! Chefs pace quickens as I squeeze my pussy around his cock. He says he loves when I do this but it makes him cum faster. And right on que, his hips quicken, trying to out fuck the orgasm chasing him. On his next thrust, Chef loudly grunts out his release, his cock throbbing inside of me as he cums. Chef too collapses on top of me, letting his cock stay buried deep in my wetness as he regains his composure.

There is a light knock at the door as Chef is helping me to my feet. I call out that it will be just a minute and let the person on the other side of the door know that there is another powder room down the hall. Chef and I spend a moment putting ourselves back together and kissing before he opens the door to find Celeste and her husband Jason standing in the hallway, a naughty grin on both of their faces.

No words are spoken as chef moves down the hall and back to the kitchen. Celeste and Jason come into the powder room with me, the door closing tightly behind them. Celeste’s hands finding my ass as her lips find mine. She loves to suck on my full lips as Jason watches!

Celeste and Jason are regulars to our brunches and to my bed. Celeste loves to watch Jason fuck me. She loves watching his huge cock stretch out my tight pussy.

Celeste’s lips are on my naked breasts as I watch Jason drop his pants, his cock springing from his boxer briefs. I lick my lips with desire as he walks over to us, my hand grabbing his shaft barely able to get around the entire thing. Jason pulls me down onto the fluffy rug and my thighs immediately fall open for him. He puts the tip of his cock at my opening and pushes in slowly, using the jizz of my previous lovers as lube to ease his girth inside of me.

My breath catches in my throat and my hands squeeze his shoulders as he pushes into me. Jason is huge! Even with my body being ready and pliable it still takes him a couple moments to work himself into me, deliciously stretching me to fit his thickness. Celeste is playing with my nipples as she watches her husband slowly slide into the depths of my wetness. My eyes roll back and my thighs shake as an orgasm rolls through my body. Before he has even properly fucked me, he’s already made me cum.

When Jason is balls deep, he holds himself still until I beg him to fuck me. My hips move with want as he makes me wait for it, making me beg with need as his wifes tongue teases my hard nipples. When he can’t hold himself still anymore Jason starts to fuck me, long strokes at first. Slow, long and deep. So deep and so slow. It feels so good coupled with Celeste’s nibbling on my breasts my second orgasm rips through me, my back bowing off of the floor.

Jason quickens his pace as I open up more for him, my orgasm making me even wetter. This is when he looses all control and fucks me how he really wants to. His huge cock slamming into me, his balls echoing in the room as the smack into me with each of his thrusts. This hurts so damn good! This is when Celeste moves away so she can see all of the show. Jason is fully on top of me, his teeth at my neck as his cock is buried deeper and deeper on each of his thrusts.

Jason moves his hands underneath my ass, lifting me slightly so that he goes even deeper. I can no longer keep my moans quiet as he plunges deeper inside of me. I am moaning louder and louder the harder he fucks me and I don’t care!

I hear Jason whisper a fuck and I know that he’s close, close to really losing control and I brace myself for his thrusts to increase in intensity. His hands squeeze my ass harder as he lifts me a bit more, his thick shaft jack hammering into my throbbing pussy. Once more thrust and Jason cums hard and loud filling me to overflowing. From the side I hear Celeste reach her orgasm as well, her cries following her husbands. My third orgasm is on the tail of Jasons as my entire body quakes with release.

Jasons satisfied body collapses onto mine as we both wait for our breathing to slow and for the after quakes of orgasm to subside. Jason finally rolls off of me and gets shakily to his feet, his wife on her knees in a flash pulling her husbands cock into her mouth to clean him off. I get to my feet watching as she hungrily sucks him dry.

Clothes and hair back in place, the three of us exit the room and make our way back down the hallway where we find desirous eyes waiting for us. I guess they heard our little play time! I’m starving, so I make my way to the first buffet table. My eyes find the waffle as well as the tented pants of the waiter behind the table. Looks like he’s willing to serve more than waffles today! I take the waffles and give him a little wink, maybe I’ll try his sausage later!

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

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