I love when your cock is so hard in your pants! I love when you struggle to hide your bulging erection as you watch me move through a room. I love knowing that you watch the jiggle of my breasts and the sway of my hips as I glide through a room. I love knowing that your cock swells and hardens in your pants, your hands craving to touch me, your lips aching to be all over my body.

I love when lust overtakes you and you grab me and take me whenever and however you want. I love when your hands shake with need as you bend me over, move my panties to the side and hurriedly shove your shaft deep inside of me, pushing balls deep with long, deep strokes.

I love when your breath catches in your throat as you fuck me, hard and deep, your hands tightly gripping my hips. I love the feel of your hardness sheathed inside of my tight pussy. I love how you stretch me out, your cock bottoming out with each thrust of your powerful hips.

I love hearing your breath coming quicker and quicker as your pace hastens. Your need driving you to that orgasm your body craves. Your thrust hard and fast until your breath fully catches in your throat and comes tumbling out a second later on a grunt as you explode inside of me. Your hot jizz filling me all the way up until overflowing.

I love how my legs go to jelly as my orgasm follows yours. My hands gripping my ankles as my body quakes with pleasure.

I love the feeling of your satiated cock slipping my from my juicy pussy. I love the feeling of your hand slapping my ass before you head to the shower.

I curl up on the bed as I listen to you in the shower, my pussy throbbing, waiting for round two.

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

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