Monday Morning

You cancelled your morning meeting so we could have our own meeting. You tell me to stand with my hands against the wall and bend at the waist so that my ass is ready for you. You spit on your cock and push hard against my tight little asshole. The tip slips in just a bit before you pull back and push in again, this time pushing further inside my super tight hole.

My hands scratch against the wall as you pull back again and push even harder, this time pushing all the way inside of me, my ass stretching to welcome every inch of your thickness. You pound into me, your balls slapping against me as you fuck my ass. My hips are gripped tight in your big hands as your sink hard and fast into me.

You pull out, my ass gaping waiting for your return, as you push me down onto the floor on all four. You mount me and ride me just the way I love! You are so deep baby, you feel so good inside of me!

Your hands grip my shoulders as your hips jackhammer, your cock sliding in and out of my asshole. Your breathing is jagged and I know you are close. I arch my back, allowing you to go even deeper and that’s when you lose control. You pound even harder and faster, your grip on my shoulders tightening as your breath catches in your throat. On your next thrust I feel you explode in my ass. Your hips slow until you are still inside of me. Your grip still tight on my shoulders as your face rests in my hair as you catch your breath.

Your breathing slows and your grip loosens as you dismount me and help me to me feet. I kiss your smiling lips and turn and head for the shower. You slap me on my ass as you follow me. I love when we have our morning meetings! I wonder what the agenda for tomorrows meeting will be?

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

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