Christmas Eve

You spring from the bed, reaching back to rearrange me as you stand at the side of the bed, body facing me, now lying with my head hanging over the side. I love, love LOVE this position!

You move your wanting shaft to my mouth but my lips don’t part for you. You are rock-hard and ready so you push again to try to move yourself into my mouth but I again refuse you. I love this little game of teasing you, denying you of what you want!

You slap me lightly and tell me to open my mouth. I refuse. You slap me again, this time a little harder and your demand that I open my mouth is a little more forceful. I turn my face away as you bring your cock to my lips. This time you slap me hard as you tell me to open my fucking mouth. This makes my pussy drip and my nipples tighten. This is what I’ve been waiting for!

I part my lips slightly and you don’t waste a moment as you part them the rest of the way as you push your wanting manhood into my mouth. I’ve teased you and now you will punish me for it! You grab my wrists and hold them by my sides. I am completely at your mercy and I love it! I love when you take control and dominate me baby.

You hold my wrists down as you slide deep into my throat. You are already worked up and ready so you aren’t gentle. My body tenses and I try to lift my hands as you push deep into my mouth, down my throat. You are hitting my gag reflex but I can’t move my head because you are ball deep in my mouth, I’m held in firmly between you and the bed. I gag and you hold my wrists tighter as I struggle to release my mouth from your cock. You slam into my throat a couple more times before you pull back and allow me air.

I gulp in sweet, delicious air. Dragging it in through my open mouth as I feel you get back into place. Before I can close my mouth to you, you are back inside of it. Thrusting hard and deep into my throat, your hands firmly around my wrists so I can’t stop you.

The sound of me gagging turns you on so much! With each of my gags you go harder, deeper into my throat. You thrust and hold in my throat. I’m trying my hardest to free my hands so I can push you back but you won’t give in. My hips thrust up and my body tenses as you refuse me release. I gag and that’s when you pull out. You wanted the gag.

I’m still sucking in air when you again rearrange me so that you are now between my legs. Before I’ve caught my breath, you are back on the bed, between my legs and inside of me. Hard and deep is your mission tonight. Your mouth sucks my tight nipple as your cock dives deeper and deeper into me. You feel so good baby!

You give my nipple one last suck before you sit back and pull from my greedy pussy. I want more! Why are you stopping. I open my eyes and see the lust in your eyes as you move yourself to your other favorite spot.

My hands push against your thighs as you push into my tight hole. You brush my hands away as you push into me again. My hands fly back to your thighs as you start to work your way inside. This time you grab my wrists and hold them over my head as you push inside of my tight, little asshole.

I gasp as you push deeper inside me, still trying to free my hands. You let my hands go, put my thighs on your shoulders and push all the way inside of me. I push back as much as I can. My ass is so tight that I can barely take it. You thrust again and again, your breathing growing more and more ragged with each thrust.

I’m so tight that it hurts but it also feels good, it hurts so good! I’m finally starting to loosen a bit and you are able to slip deeper inside of me. You groan as you sink deeper, my hands still trying to slow your progress.

Your hips thrust faster as you get close. All I can do is hold on for the ride as you thrust harder and deeper into me. My legs quake on your shoulders as you fuck my ass hard. You are lost in the warm tightness of my ass.

Harder and deeper, you are fucking me hard, slamming your full length into me. Your body shakes on your last thrust as your orgasm pulls from your lips in grunts. I feel you explode into my ass, your cock throbbing as it releases inside of me.

You release my thighs and I let me legs fall to either side of you as you collapse onto me, breathing heavily into my neck. I love when I make you weak! You stay that way until you catch your breath, my fingers trailing up and down your back. I love this.

You start to move, kissing me before you sit up, slip from inside of me and head for the shower. I hear the shower come on before my eyes start to close. Merry Christmas Eve babe!

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

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