You have me pinned to the wall by my throat. Your big hand is wrapped tightly, your lips on mine kissing me hard and deep. Al is kneeling in front of me, my thigh resting on his shoulders as his lips suck my clit as his two fingers push into my pussy.

The sensations from the both of you pleasuring me has my head spinning. I can’t focus on anyone spot of deliciousness. My entire body is humming with delight, its like magic the way you to make me feel.

Al increases the pleasure on my clit and my leg holding me up starts to wobble. I don’t know if I can continue standing. Your hand tightens on my neck, cutting my airflow again and the sensations between my legs intensifies. Your lips leave mine and I gasp for air. Al sucks harder, his fingers slip deeper into my pussy as his thumb tickles my asshole. My nipples tighten, I’m so close.

My hands find Al’s head and push him deeper into me. He lets his teeth graze my clit, the feel rockets through me, ripping an orgasm from between my kiss swollen lips. I lose all ability to stand, being help up only by your hand around my throat and my thigh on Al’s shoulder. I’m jelly when Al kisses his way up my body, sucking on my rock-hard nipples, up past my neck where your hand remains, to my ears and then my mouth.

He presses his body into mine as he kisses me deeply. You give a little slack on my neck so that I can kiss Al back. His tongue exploring the inside of my mouth. Touching and teasing before moving away.

Al breaks the kiss, leaving me wanting more as he picks my legs up, pressing my back into the wall, your hand still around my neck. Al has me suspended in the air, his cock seeking my tight wetness. I can feel the tip of his shaft at my opening, touching but not entering. I beg Al to please let me have it, to please fuck me. Al loves it when I beg, you hate it and tighten your grip on my neck, so I can’t speak.

Al slams his cock into me. Every single inch of him is sheathed inside of my pussy. Your hand is so tight around my neck that I can’t even gasp. My eyes roll back as Al takes what he’s been coveting from the day you introduced him to me. To this point you’ve only allowed Al to have me orally. I can feel every ounce of Al’s pent up frustration as he repeatedly slams his thickness deep into me.

Al pushes into me and holds himself there as he moves away from the wall and carries me to the couch, forcing you to break your hold on my neck. Air comes rushing into me, its lovely but I instantly miss your hand around my neck. I can tell Al doesn’t want to share me as he lies me down on the couch and covers me completely with his body. He puts my legs over his shoulders and goes to town! His stroke is long, deep and fast. He fucks me like a man who’s been without for a long time.

Al drops my legs so that he can be more on top of me. His lips finding my nipples, licking them, biting them. You try to put your cock in my mouth, but Al slips a finger between my lips before you can get there. I can feel your frustration building. You want to fuck me but can’t get in. This little competition turns me on so much! It’s hot watching you want me but can’t have me!

Al is fucking me so good! Long and deep, his thickness fills me perfectly. It’s a couple of more strokes before Al turns us over so that I’m riding him. He must’ve forgotten about you because his eyes widen in surprise when you quickly mount me from behind, pushing my chest onto Al’s chest to get access to my backdoor.

Al tries to sit up but its too late. You are too quick! I gasp in painful pleasure as you push into my ass. I reach back to slow you down, but you push my hands away and push me back down onto Al. You have been waiting to fuck and now you won’t be denied. Al again tries to sit up but you put both of your hands on my back and press me into Al as your cock pushes deep into my ass. Al’s cock is filling my pussy, barely moving now because of his angle. Your thrusts push me into Al, his cock moving just a little inside of me each time.

Your hands press down harder as you work your way inside of me. Deeper and harder your thrust until you are ball deep inside of me, Al still trying to find a way to thrust up into me like he really wants to. Your grunts let me know you are really turned on by being able to control this situation, being able to deny Al what he wants.

I feel your hands move down to my waist before you pull me off Al. You move me to the arm of couch, push me down face first and slide back into my ass. You pound hard and fast, trying to outrun the orgasm that’s hounding you. Al moves quickly and shoves himself into my mouth. He too thrusts hard and fast, he won’t be able to hold back long.

I grip the couch as you thrust harder into me, my mouth wide open as Al fucks my throat. You yell my name as I feel your cock surge in my ass, shooting your hot load deep into me. You’ve barely slipped from inside of me when Al grabs me, pushing me onto my back on the couch and pushes his cock into my pussy. He’s only able to thrust twice before his body tenses and he releases deep inside of me.

Al collapses on top of me, his cock still deep inside of me. A moment later my body is feeling the chill in the air as Al slips from me and leans back onto the couch, still catching his breath. You’ve both filled me up, giving me just what I wanted!

You are both exhausted, you on the chair half asleep and Al on the couch in pretty much the same state. I’m a little sore and my legs feel like jelly, but I feel invigorated! There’s nothing like two men battling it out for you! I head to shower to get ready for my day. Who knows what else might happen today!

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

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  1. I love to fuck like that, pussy soaked from you cumming and taking all nine inches of me like a fucking SLUT that you are, I’m stretching your slutty pussy so much and making you take every inch of me that you bitch ass won’t stop cumming, I love slut pussy that cums and squirts constantly as I make you take my cock until I bottom out. Bitch just fucking take it as I ram and stretche your asshole making you like as my cock just ripped your asshole and now bleeding , but like the slut you are you won’t stop squirting and your pussy is so fucking stretch that the big hole in your pussy, I love fucking your slutty pussy and watching you take all of me, but the best is when u deepthroat my cock and making u cum while I’m driving my cock in your throat making your pussy drenched with cum.

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